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AANDER, HIGH COUNCILOR MAATYN — High Councilor of the Tohaa High Council.
ABRUZZI, DOCTOR ISABELLA — Wrote New Global Economy Hotspots.
ABYSS BLOCKADE — The human force preventing EI use of the Paradiso-Human Edge jump gate. Space battles happended here during the Second Offensive in Paradiso.
ABYSS GATE — The gate between Paradiso and Human Edge
ACCELERATION POD — These pods, often used in concert with anti-GPlus drugs, allow the human body to endure sustained high G-forces.
ACCESSTEL COMM TECHNOLOGY — This hypercorp deals in large-scale communications networking and infrastructure.
ACHERON BLOCKADE — One of the blockades in the Paradiso system.
ACHERON GATE — The jump gate between Paradiso and EI territory
ACONTECIMENTO — This PanOciania planet has its primary factory and farm resources, and is sometimes called its breadbasket. It was the second planet to be colonized from Earth, after Neoterra, primarily by Latinos and other PanOceania minorities. Its surface is covered by enormous crop fields alternating with factory complexes. The last region of native biome lies within one of the largest nature preserves in the Human Sphere, the Great Arboreal Reserve.
ACONTECIMENTO RIOTS — Took place on Neoterra during the Aristeia! finals
AEROTA STAR CLUSTER — An area of Shasvastii space.
AKALIS COMMANDO REGIMENT — Drawn exclusively from PanOceanics of Sikh ethnic descent, the Akalis specialize in raid operations behind enemy lines. Their capabilities include ground, naval, airborne, and orbital deployment. Their mandate is to assault key objectives from the ground or air. Akalis translates directly to "the Timeless," but they call themselves "the Children of God the Deathless."
AL FASID ARMOR — This is the heavy armor worn by members of the Al Fasid Regiment.
AL FASID REGIMENT — Meaning "The Corrupted," this heavy assault regiment consists of veterans able to complete the screening tests. They are highly aggressive, and have the nickname "The Seven Times Accursed."
ALAMUT — A region in Iran Zhat Al Amat on Bourak. The Hassassin Society has an underground complex within its coastal cliffs.
AL-DAFANI, DAWUD — At one point in the Hassassin Govad war with Equinox cells, Dawud was the only living member of the Govads.
AL-DJABEL, HUSSEIN — Haqqislam Fiday assassin who infiltrated the Strelsau Monastery with the target of Father-Officer Seiler. He killed Seiler while both PanOceania and Haqqislam forces were deployed to recover data related to the T'zechi digester on Paradiso.
ALEPH — (Also: AI) Humanity's sole legal artificial intelligence (AI) oversees the Human Sphere's data network, as well as most advanced technological systems within it.
ALGUACILES — The Alguacil Corps form the military police of Corregidor, but are also frequently used as general light infantry, including defensive and mercenary missions. Used as mercenaries, their extensive combat experience make them highly sought after, and they are one of Corregidor's most profitable assets
ALHENA-2 — Nawrah BioIndustries maintained facilities on this orbital platform above a gas giant in the Paradiso system. Gravity was maintained at 0.8g for experimental purposes.
ALLCOME — A Mayah channel
ALMEIDA, GENERAL — General in charge of PanOceania's Special Operations Command on Paradiso during the Black Box incidents.
ANACONDA SQUADRON — This mercenary TAG unit worked for Minescorp on Dawn.
ANATHEMATIC — A command construct/incarnation of the EI. They command entire theaters of operation on the planetary scale.
ANDERSON, EMILIA — This NCO of the Anaconda Squadron has contracted with Minescorp on Dawn and employers on Svalarheima.
ANGUS — Angus has spent much of his career in convalescence due to his traits of clumsiness, obliviousness, and bad luck. He is viewed as the everyman of PanOciania Fusiliers. Despite assignments from the most dangerous front lines to the most safe rear areas, he manages to create destruction and chaos while being seriously injured in the process. Yu Jing agents imprisoned him at their Hammer-1 Invisible Prison after he was framed for the the deaths of five Imperial Agents. The Morat Treitak Anyat resuscitated him aboard a Mag-Lev transport, and interrogated him to confirm CA intelligence on a Morat POW.
ANTI-GPLUS DRUG — This class of drugs assists the human body in resisting high G-forces, and is typically used in concert with acceleration pods.
ANTIPODE OFFENSIVES — Antipode assaults on Caledonian lands on Dawn.
ANYAT — This Treitak of the Combined Army was well known for unscrupulous methods and bets on combat operations. She enlisted for thrills and plunder, and her goal is to retire early and rich. She takes great risks in the quest for greater possible reward. She took part in Phase 2 of Operation Icestorm, the assault on a Mag-Lev transport on the Norstralian continent on Paradiso. She resuscitated Fusilier Angus and confirmed CA intelligence on Master Tactician Dodrek.
ARACHNE — This is the Nomad data/news/entertainment network, which serves as an independent counterpoint to Maya. The physical equipment needed to maintain the network lie in a high-security crypt on the Tunguska mothership. The Nomad nation has used commercial operations to conceal Arachne nodes through the entire Human Sphere. ALEPH works to destroy these nodes, but for each one discovered and destroyed, two seem to take its place. Though the wealth of firewalls and security systems make this network significantly slower that Maya, those that use it find the informational independence worth it. Despite popular opinion, Arachne is not free of ALEPH's presence. ALEPH's Aspects strive to cripple and destroy this source of rebellion, but are kept at bay by Tunguskan infosec hackers, Observance cyberwitches, and Nomad AIs.
ARIADNA — Descendants of the first Terran colony ship, consisting of the old Terra polities of Russian Cossacks, Americans, French, and Scotts, colonised Dawn. Dawn was isolated for many years prior to renewed contact with a now far more technologically advanced Human Sphere. Though never discovered by the humans, the Tohaa had a research base on the planet, and secretly monitored them.
ARIADNAN EXCLUSION ZONE — (Also: AEZ) Established after the Commercial Conflicts, military forces of the Human Sphere may not establish facilities or bases within it.
ARIADNAN EXPEDITIONARY CORPS — This is the Ariadna's contribution to the war effort on Paradiso.
ARIADNAN RUBLE — (Also: Ruble) This is the official Ariadnan currency, though the Morevingian Franc, Caledonian Pound, and USAriadnan Dollar are also used internally.
ARIF — (Also: Areef) The Haqqislam rank of Corporal
ARISTEIA! — (Also: Aristeia! Underground) Aristeia is a professional duelling circuit, bouts sometimes going till death. An underground version, run by the maras of Lazareto, has fewer restrictions and rules, as well as far more blood.
ARTECHNODIVARIUS — Zoe Nemov was a member of this distinguished Praxis group.
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH COMPOUND — ALEPH was using this MagnaObra facility at the time of a Nomad raid.
ASHRAWI, FADIA — This Areef (Corporal) served in a Naffatûn Regiment on the Central Norstralian Front on Paradiso during the Second Offensive
ASSAULT SECTION — (Also: SSS Assualt Section) A subsection of the Special Situations Section for military action
AULIAC, FATHER-OFFICER — This officer of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre led the resistance against the Yu Jing attack on the Robotrain carrying the Black Box.
AURORA — The Tohaa diverted this Human colony vesssel, by Jump Gate manipulation, to the planet Paradiso, one of their main investigation centers.
AUTHORIZED BOUNTY HUNTER — A bounty hunter licensed by the Bounty Hunter Syndicate.
AUXBOT — These remotes, used by the NeoTerran Auxilia, are extensions of their Ghost-operators.
AUXILIA — Headquartered on NeoTerra, members of this light infantry corps operate with a ghost-controlled Auxbot. Their missions include defence of the capital, convoy protection, and internal security patrols.
AXIOMATIC — This EI stealth command and control ship coordinated Combined Army operations above Paradiso, commanded by an Anathematic.
AYALA — One of the Corregidor Alguaciles who took part in Operation Icestorm.
AYGIR — Pirates attacked this commercial freighter near PanOceanian space, killing three, damaging the vessel, and either destroying or stealing its cargo. The attack matched the meathods of the Ikari Company mercenaries, known to work with PanOcianian corporations.
AYGIR INCIDENT — This refers to the attack of the CS Aygir by pirates.


BABELYA-9 — Nomad forces took part in the defense of this orbital module in Human Edge during the critical stage of the NeoColonial Wars
BACHMEIER, MARTINE — A technician at Sasken Comm. She worked in the Nordkap Badlands on Svalarheima.
BAKUNIN — Founded by a number of rebellious groups after ALEPH started making their existance in society increasingly problematic, the core of Bakunin is a surplus military transport fitted with as many habitation modules as it could carry. Each fringe group had their own name for the endeavour, including "True Divine Realm of the Stars" and "Chosen Nation in the Eyes of the Lord." It continued to attract the dissatisfied, rogue and outright odd. The vessel comprises two main regions, VaudeVille and Praxix. VaudeVille is generally open and eclectic; Praxis is secretive and insular. The political system is one module equals one vote, and the election of the governor, with the title Conciliator, is done by majority vote.
BAKUNIN: DEN OF SIN — A program available on the Allcome Maya channel.
BAKUNIN JURISDICTIONAL COMMAND — This is the command organization of Bakunin's military.
BALBOA, GUADALUPE "LUPE" — Initially a technician with a Corregidor emergency team, her assault and attempted murder of a former boyfriend landed her in tactical penal regiment. Her efforts there brought her to the attention of the Black Hand, who recruited her. She has a pet drakomon named Pancho, adopted during her penal regiment days in the Jovian collector factory labor conflicts.
BANDIT — (Also: Corregidor Bandit) Founded on the tradition of African tribal shamans choosing a young individual as an instrument of justice for the weak and suppressed, channelling powerful spirits, such as Isba, Mbeli, Barakuta, and others, shamans on Lazareto brought the practice back to protect against the maras and abusive black market merchants. These "spirits" would steal from and fight the gangs during the dark days of Lazareto. The Black Hand has since bent the tradition to their own uses, training chosen spirits to be independent covert operatives to protect Nomad interests.
BANNER ARMY — One of the Yu Jing military organizations deployed to Paradiso.
BARANGAYS — Originally a Filipino term meaning suburbs, this region of the Nomad mothership Tunguska now comprises the majority of its volume. It consists of a number of mostly self sufficient sections with their own modules for services and support, habitation, maintenance, security, and so forth.
BEYHAN RESOURCES, INC. — This Haqqislam Megacorp is based in the Funduq Sultanate on Bourak, and is the parent company of Kaplan Tactical Services.
BIBLIOTEK — An independent Arachne news and information channel
BIOSYNTH — Short for biologically synthesized.
BIPANDRA, GAURI — A capable field doctor and survival specialist, she has worked with Fusilier Angus for some time. Her efforts to anticipate Angus' next mishap led to her induction into the PanOciania Indigo unit. She had been working on joint anti-terrorist operations with Bureau Aegis and the Imperial Service in Yingxian province, where a Celestial Guard team attempted but failed to take her into custody due to her association with one of Fusilier Angus' mishaps.
BIRKAN, EDA — This officer commanded the Ramah Taskforce, a special operations capable division of the Sword of Allah.
BLACK BOX — The name given to the memory core PanOceania retreived from the Tohaa Trident stealth ship in the jungles of Paradiso.
BLACK FOG — This Penumbra Technology was designed to obscure troop movements and provide cover. This version was more effective and more expensive than its lesser cousin, Dark Mist.
BLACK HAND — (Also: Nomad Intelligence Agency) This is the name of the Nomad military intelligence organization.
BLACK LABORATORY — These Praxis labs perform research and experiments for knowledge's sake, often without regard to the consequences. They perform the modifications necessary on cetaceans that allow them to pilot Nomad shuttles.
BLACK PROPAGANDA — These are news articles or information suspected or confirmed to originate from the Nomad's Black Hand.
BLAST 1 — An O-12 orbital launch platform in the Haqqislam Ghezirah region, which served as an alternative to the elevator. The main launch equipment was disassembled as the Third Wave offensives encroached on the region. They left one Emergency Launch module, adding self-destruction charges.
BOUBOUTIQUE — These VaudeVille shops sell the latest fashions, from stylish clothing to military gear to alternative biosynth bodies.
BOUNTY HUNTER SYNDICATE — (Also: Syndicate, The) Virtually all bounty hunters belong to this organization, which also provides basic support services and operational guidelines, though the latter are only loosely followed. Their unofficial moto is "We keep the Sphere's backyard nice and clean. For a price."
BOURAK — Discovered by prophets of Haqqislam, this desert world is the home planet of the Haqqislam nation. The Bourak Academy of Planetology works to terraform it, slowly transforming it into the promised land.
BREKKEN, THOMAS — This Nisse specialist, a native of Svalarheima and hunter, took part in Operation Icestorm. He helped defend Production Area Beta during the fourth stage of the Nomad assault.
BREO-KASI — This gas giant had Tohaa facilities at its trojan points.
BROCK — He served as Head of Security for BIBLIOTEK
BUKOVAC — This Tunguskan Grenzer supported the Corregidor Alguaciles who took part in Operation Icestorm.
BUREAU AEGIS — The executive arm of the O-12, whose functions include politics, policing, and military intelligence.
BUREAU ATHENA — O-12's judicial body
BUREAU GANESHA — O-12 body dealing with commerce, trade, and economics
BUREAU GEA — O-12 organization devoted to terraforming science and the study of xenos lifeforms
BUREAU HERMES — This transportation and communications division of O-12 manages traffic on the Circulars
BUREAU LAKSHMI — This O-12 division is devoted to medical and health issues.
BUREAU NOIR — The secret service of the O-12
BUREAU TOTH — This bureau of O-12 is responsible for the non-proliferation of AIs.


C-7 INCIDENT — Zoe Nemov supported the Nomad Nation in this event. In gratitude for her role, they canceled the Kruleff bounty on her.
CAGE-5 — (Also: Invisible Prison Cage-5) This cell of the Hammer-1 Invisible Prison housed political prisoners and Shasvastii POWs.
CALEDONIA POUND — An internal Ariadnan currency used in Caledonia, especially the black market. It is widely regarded as the second currency of Ariadna.
CAMÕES ARCHIPELIGO — An island region on Acontecimento
ÇANDARLI, DOCTOR — She worked as a lab manager for Nawrah BioIndustries on the Alhena-2 orbital in the Paradiso system.
CENTRAL NORSTRALIAN FRONT — One of the battle zones in both the First and Second Offensive on Paradiso.
CENTRUM — This section of the Tunguska mothership consists of the Crypt core and the governmental/managerial headquarters.
CHAKSA — (Also: Chaksa Peripheral) AABBCC
CHALKIAS, IRENE — This Reverend Healer took part in defense of the Babelya-9 orbital module at Human Edge during the critical stage of the NeoColonial Wars.
CHAMBER OF JUDGEMENT — Haqqisloam's Old Man of the Mountain manifests himself in this chamber to provide direction to his Hassassins.
CHANDRA — (Also: Chandros) This is the name doe ALEPH's special operations forces.
CHISISI ARK — Unique strong boxes, impervious to both technical and physical means. They are both exclusive and expensive. Crafting them is an art, and they are covered in exotic materials, such as carved hardwood, sculptured stone, etc.
CHOSEN NATION IN THE EYES OF THE LORD — This was the name of one of the initial Commune modules on Bakunin.
CHURCH, THE — This PanOceanic religious organization maintains a number of Military Orders that deploy independently or alongside PanOceania's regular troops.
CIRCULAR — Most often used in the plural, as in Circulars, this term refers both to the titanic ships that carry lesser vessels for insterstellar travel, and to the routes those vessels ply throughout the Human Sphere. There are eight circular routes. They are critical for the movement of people, supplies, and goods throughout the Human Sphere.
CITIZEN X — This is the name for Black Hand infiltrators who have assumed a civilian identity.
CLÈMENT XV, POPE — This Pope wrote Encyclique De Rerum Ecclesiasticorum.
CLOCKMAKER — These Bakunin combat technicians often have neural augmentation, allowing direct, man-machine communication and encyclopedic technical knowledge. Their repairs, along with their appearance, are varied and eccentric.
CODE ORANGE — This Yu Jing security alert level activates a special team beyond local security forces.
COLONIAL TERRITORIES — A region of Tohaa expansion away from the battle front against the EI. The Shasvastii made an incursion into this Tohaa region at the Kaalastoan Front.
COMBAT GROUP — A PanOceania unit of military organization, typically refered to by a color and letter combination, such as Combat Group Green-A.
COMBINED ARMY — Commanded by the alien Evolved Intelligence, the Combined Army consists of a number of subjugated alien races. The EI has hegemonic intentions towards all races it encountes, including humanity and the Human Sphere.
COMGATE — A Maya news channel.
COMLOG — This wrist-worn personal quantronic computer communicates with the data sphere and other devices in an individual's environment, including other comlogs. They are ubiquitous, and also automatically provide security codes and biometric information as needed for personal or work access. They also serve as a personal assistant, news feed, media que, mobile office, gaming device, audio/video recorder/playback, medical monitor, and much more. Content can be viewed holographically or beamed into the users retina with the addition of contacts or eye implants. They typically have two parts, quantronic processor and storage, usually implanted in the forearm, and an outer hardware platform for interfaces, projectors, sensors, and antennae. Price point typically determines size and functionality.
COMMERCIAL CONFLICTS — (Also: Ariadnan Commercial Conflicts) A time of unrest and open warfare on Ariadna.
COMMERCIAL DELEGATION — When more than one Nomad Commercial Mission exists within a system, one is the official Mission, and the others take this name.
COMMERCIAL MISSIONS — (Also: Nomad Commercial Missions) Each major planet, asteroid belt facility, and caravansary has a Nomad outpost, which acts as both an embassy and trade delegation. They typically have both political and mercantile representatives from all three Nomad motherships, military security, intelligence representative, bureaucratic and administrative offices, a cultural office, and an array of other Nomad envoys important to the region. Many other nations also suspect them to be covert bases for Black Hand operatives. Each Mission is unique, depending on location and needs. They have their own Arachne connections and secure data crypts, offer both technical and military services, and are independent of local laws. If more than one exists in a system, one os the official Mission and the others are called Commercial Delegations.
COMMERCIAL SUPERVISION SERVICE — Part of the Interior System of PanOceania.
COMMUNE — This name refers to a Bakunin module used by its owner as a societal experiment or choice. Each has an alphanumeric designator, such as A-2 or N-9.
COMPASS TRANSPORTATION — A major transportation company operating in the Human Sphere
CONFIDANTE — These high-ranking Loĝantos operate as corporate intelligence agents. Their mandate spans business development, intelligence gathering, espionage, and internal policing.
CONCILIAR UNIVERSAL DICTIONARY — A dictionary of languages of the Human Sphere, maintained by the O-12.
CONCILIATOR — This is the title of the governor of the Nomad Bakunin mothership. The election is by simple majority, with each module casting a single vote.
CONCILIUM PRIMA — The capital city of Concilium
CONGA CLUB — A bar frequented by mercenaries in VaudeVille on the Bakunin mothership.
CONSTRUKTOR CORPORATION — This company has orbital factories and employs Nomad workers.
CONTACT TREATY — The initial treaty between humanity and the Tohaa Triumverate, signed on the EveningStar orbital above Paradiso.
COORDINATED COMMAND — The command facility for humanity's forces in Paradiso, located aboard the EveningStar.
CORASH — (Also: Corax) Shasvastii special operations unit.
CORAHTAA — The Tohaa language.
CORENET — This Maya channel does inidiviual profiles, including Tearlach McMurrough. Their slogan is "the channel which dares!"
CORISHVA MANUAL OF SHASVASTII MILITARY DOCTRINE — A manual of Shasvastii military wisdom, doctrine, and tactics.
CORPORATE SECURITY UNIT — (Also: CSU) SecLock Contingencies uses this name for its hired personal security units.
CORPROATION — As distinguished from Megacorps and Hypercorps, they make a clear distinction between employee and customer, primarily restrict their operations to a sigle planet, and avoid the expensive compliance with the M-CORP law. They are particularly common on Ariadna.
CORREGIDOR — A conglomerate of South American nations originally launched this Nomad Nation mothership for use as a high-security prison for criminals and political prisoners. The original structure of the vessel, consisting of command, security, engineering, and inmate cells is called Praesidio. The massive modules added for equatorial refugees are known as the Lazareto district. After abandonment by the governments that created the vessel, Corregidor dealt in Zero-G labor to achieve self-sufficiency and continue to improve their ship. Citizenship, along with voting rights, comes from accumulated service hours, typically requiring approximately 20 years to complete. Retaining citizenship requires an annual number of service hours or an equivalent monetary payment. The elected ship President hold the title of Warden.
CORREGIDOR BANDITS — The Mexican General, Juan Sarmiento, helped found this unit of Corregidor Jurisdictional Command.
CORREGIDOR JURISDICTIONAL COMMAND — This organizational command is headquartered in Praesidio on Corrigedor.
COSMICA — A major corporation of the Human Sphere
COSMOLITE — A Tohaa construct based on nano-technology found in T'Zenchi Digesters, whose very structure formed a powerful neural processing network. The Tohaa used these as research centers. They supported the interrogation of the Digester to provide tech for Jump Gate modification, viral weaponry, and other advanced technology. Their defenses included advanced materials and bio-agents for those who penetrated the outer defenses.
COSSAK DIPLOMATIC CORPS — The diplomatic arm of the Cossack government of Ariadna.
COTOYA — The Morat God of War.
CRASH COFFIN — One-man emergency capsule for orbital and sub-orbital craft.
CRYPT — This is the ALEPH-independent data vault aboard the Nomad Nation mothership, Tunguska.
CRYPTOHACKER — Hackers that specialize in encryption and decryption of secure data.
CS — Abbreviation for Commercial Ship
CUBE — These quantronic processors and storage devices are inserted into the cranium, and store the individual's personality and memories. After death, the cube can be inserted into an Lhost with the assistance of the drug, Silk.
CYBERWITCH — This term refers to Observance hackers.


D-CHARGE — Short for Demolition Charge.
D-UNIT, THE — Tunguskan Grenzers eliminated this threat before it could be executed.
DAEDALUS BLOCKADE — The Tohaa Trident force guarding the Paradiso-Ereeva jump gate
DAEDALUS GATE — The gate between Paradiso and Ereeva, Tohaa space
DAEMON — This term refers to pseudo-AIs, capable of limited independent operation and advice.
DAHSHAT COMPANY — This mercenary company works with the war businessman Qaid Fahesh, operating out of the semi-independent Zumurroda complex, east of the Pharthalia Islands on Bourak.
DAIXO — A primary fixer for the Ikari Company mercenary force.
DAKTARI — (Also: Dak) From the Swahili word for Doctor, Daktaris serve as medics in the Nomad Military Force. Their origins were a Corregidorian medical organization of African descent that chose military service over other penalties in a case of patient contamination. Daks still use Swahili as a common battle language.
DAR EL FUNDUQ — This territory lies on Bourak
DARK MIST — This Penumbra Technology was designed to obscure troop movements and provide cover. This version was less effective and less expensive than its greater cousin, Black Fog.
DATACRYPT — A secure data trove.
DATA SPHERE — This is the interconnected data network of the Human Sphere. Virtually everything is connected to it, and it is accessible almost anywhere. There are two competing networks, Maya for ALEPH and most of the Human Sphere and Arachne for the Nomad Nation and those wishing to avoid ALEPH's ever-present eye.
DAWN — This primirive, wooded planet was settled by the first Terran colony ship, with settlers of Cossak, American, Scottish, and French descent. Cut off from humanity for years due to a collapsed wormhole, it has only recently rejoined the Human Sphere. It was home to a Tohaa research center, but this was dismantled when the Humans arrived. The Tohaa created the gate between Dawn and Sol that the colony ship used, but due to a mistake in their calculations, the gate collapsed after the Aurora used it.
DAYBREAK BLOCKADE — Name for the human fleet forces preventing EI incursion from Paradiso to Dawn
DAYBREAK GATE — The gate between Paradiso and Dawn
DAYLAMI — This Haqqislam tribe, native to the Azar desert on Bourak, is infamous for its neotribal culture and guerilla militias.
DE FERSON, FATHER-OFFICER — This officer led the PanOceania force that retreived a data core from a Tohaa Trident stealth ship in the jungles of Paradiso, defeating an opposing Yu Jing force.
DENG ZHENG, XIA SHI — This Tiger Soldier worked under Zhōngwèi Yong in the defense of Teqian PSN on Neon Lotus Station during Operation Red Viel.
DEVI — City-Sanctuary on Bourak
DHARTI-04 — A Morat incursion targeted this Logistics Redistribution Base in the Norstralia North-Center Front on Paradiso.
DÍAZ — One of the Corregidor Alguaciles who took part in Operation Icestorm.
DICKSON-POWELL, CAROL — This doctor wrote The Third Way, the Nomad Alternative for the Libertarian Politics Review.
DIGESTER — See T'zechi Digester
DINAR — (Also: Haqqislamite Dinar) The official currency of Haqqislam.
DJANBAZAN TACTICAL GROUP — Djanbazans have responsibility for access to Haqqislam territory, including the protection of Bourak's Sari Han orbital base and other spaceports. They guard the Silk trade, and form the Special Assault Corps of the Muhafiz. They have a reputation for recklessness, much like the pirates, smugglers, and insurgents they combat. They undergo biogenic therapies to enhance endurance and recuperation. The chiefs of the Muhafiz allow Djanbazan to take the occasional off-duty contract, so long as they always remain available for official missions. They conduct covert operations, sometimes at the behest of the Hachib or even Silk trade conglomerates.
DODREK, MASTER TACTICIAN — This Combined Army Morat officer was captured by Yu Jing forces and held at the Hammer-1 Invisible Prison
DOG-BOWL — The emergence of Dogfaces created a street sport by this name. Ariadna professionalized the sport after the Separatist Wars.
DOGFACE — First seen after the second Antipode Offensive, an Antipode biting a pregnant human woman results in a human-Antipode hybrid. Larger than most humans, they have more body hair, and often minor Antipode traits. When angered, they grow even larger and exhibit even more Antipode traits.
DOYLYA — This extinct race had burial mounds on the planet Doymas.
DOYMAS — This Tohaa colony had burial mounds of the extinct Doylya race. Combined Army forces invaded, causing significant civilian casualties.
DRAGNET — (Also: Tunguska Dragnet) Colonel Nikolai Steranko founded this Tunguskan organization that performs security, law enforcement, judicial, and intelligence gathering operations. Its mission is to protect Tunguska from internal or external threat and incursions, especially the Crypt. Its duties have expanded to include diplomatic actions involving Tunguskan power blocks.
DRAGNET SPECIAL ACTIONS DEPARTMENT — This division within the Tunguskan Dragnet takes on special operations, investigating and eradicating "high risk" enemies of Tunguska and the Nomad Nation.
DRAGON LADY — This is the Hexahedron codeword for a female Imperial Service Judge who has consolidated personal power and influence via their position in the High Courts or by way of family or political connections.
DRAGON LORD — This is the Hexahedron codeword for a male Imperial Service Judge who has consolidated personal power and influence via their position in the High Courts or by way of family or political connections.
DRUZE SOCIETY — This mercenary organization has a non-standard corporate structure.
DUNBAR, DIRECTOR — Leader of PanOceania's Hexahedron during the Black Box operations.
DURAID, ARIF GAMAL — Member of the Al Fasid Regiment operated size XXL Al Fasid armor during Operation Red Viel.


EARTH — While still full of humanity's natural and cultural treasures, Earth is only sparsely populated due to the exodus to other planets and star systems. Religious institutions and the remnants of the European Union, which is part of PanOceania, form the remaining power blocks.
ETHERNEWS — A subsidiary of TransEtherea Company, this web-magazine is only available through the Circular network.
EMBEDDED SOCKET — Most humans in the Sphere, with the notable exceptions of many Nomads and Ariadnans, have these interface devices implanted in their body.
EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM — (Also: ERT) These PanOciania units respond to civil emergencies, such as sabotage of commercial targets.
ENSOM DAL — (Also: Lone Valley) A Moto.tronica research center lies in this valley in the Trollhätan region of Svalarheima. Its name means Lone valley in SvalarNorse.
EQUILIBRIUM PHASE — This refers to the first decade of Bakunin's existence, where several groups were expelled for radical behavior and/or conflict in the vessel's common areas.
EQUINOX — Bakunin exiled this group, whose origins are in Praxis, from their Commune in habitation module N-9. They are a terrorist cell of scientists that now threaten the entire Sphere. They are supported by the MagnaObra Corporation. Hassassin Govads nearly annihilated themselves in a campaign against Equinox cells and leadership, and continue their covert war against them.
EREEVA — The Tohaa system linked to Paradiso via jump gate.
ERIS — This dwarf planet within the Solar system has an Orbital Ring.
ERRANT — Class of Tohaa ship
ESPIRITU SANTO UNIVERSITY — This university lies in Firozabad on Neoterra.
EUROPEAN UNION — Much diminished by the exodus to the stars, the remnants of this politico-economic union form the humanist voice of PanOceania.
EVA SUIT — Any of a number of work suits for operations in a vacuum.
EVENINGSTAR — This O-12 orbital is in low orbit around Paradiso. It houses O-12 facilities, offices of the High Commissioner for Paradiso, a Bureau Aegis facility, and Coordinated Command for human forces in the system. It also boasts significant defensive systems and docking for capital vessels. The Tohaa embassy was located here after the Contact Treaty was signed. The EI destroyed it in a combined action of sabotage, missile attack, and Morat boarding action.
EVOLVED INTELLIGENCE — (Also: EI) This alien intelligence durects the Combined Army. It strives to absorb all curtures it encounters, including humanity.
EXCLUSION ZONE — (Also: Ariadna Exclusion Zone) This zone, established by O-12, defines areas for exclusive development by Ariadnan interests. The zone is only as good as its enforcement, and corporate prospectors test these limits frequently.
EXXO GENETIC ALGORITHMS — This hypercorp specializes in genetic engineering.


FAHESH, QAID — This war businessman manages the Dahshat Company in addition to Maya businesses, brokerages, and the Zumurroda tourist complex. He claims sole right to the profits from Zumurroda, which the Haqqislam authorities do not contest owing to the strength of his mercenary force.
FANG, GUO — This Yu Jing Imperial Agent and Hsien Warrior caprured a PanOceanian Hexahedron operative in the Financial District of Tiān Di Jing on Yutang.
FATHER-KNIGHT — A combination of rank and title, they are militant ministers in PanOceania's religious Military Orders. They typically deploy alongside other units, providing leadership and moral support where needed. Their training regimen includes extensive close-quarters combat, making them formidable opponents as well as astute leaders.
FEDCHENKO, GENERAL — This iron-fisted despot ruled Mat' till overthrown by rebellion.
FIDAY — (Also: Hassassin Fiday) A Haqqislam unit specializing in infiltration and impersonation.
FIGUEROA — (Also: Figueroa Estate) This War businessman oversaw operations of Van Orten's mercenary Foreign Company.
FIROZABAD — Firozabad University lies in this city on Neoterra.
FIRST OFFENSIVE — (Also: First Paradiso Offensive) The first wave of the Combined Army invasion of Paradiso.
FIST OF MORGALEK — This boarding shuttle took part in combat at the Abyss Blockade during the Second Offensive in the Paradiso system.
FIXER — Term used for an individual who finds and negotiates employment contracts for mercenary units.
FLASHPAPER — (Also: Personal FlashPaper) News filters and/or personal assistants assemble this synopsis of daily news for users
FOREIGN COMPANY — Van Orten led this mercanary company that used the Figueroa Estate as its war businessman.
FREE MERCENARY COMPANY — (Also: Mercenary Company and Private Military Company) These mercenary units hire themselves out to any polity, corporation, or individual able to pay their fees. A Colonel typically leads a Company, which consists of a number of squads, any of which might be organic, leased, or contracted from the Market of War. Most Companies have long-term contracts with governments or large corporations.
FREELANCE HOUNDS — This IngramNet program interviewed Ljubo "Ballistic" Radan.
FREETRADE BROTHERHOOD — An organization of independent ships, captains, and crews
FURST, ABBOT-COLONEL — This officer of the Teutonic Order was in command of PanOceania forces at the Strelsau Crypt on Paradiso.
FUSILIER — This light infantry corps forms the basis for PanOceana military combat operations, and are present anywhere PanOceana has a territorial presence. Varied weaponry and equipment allows them to be adapted to many missions.


GABBARD BRIGADIER GENERAL TALIA — This US commander led the highly successful Red Friday retaliatory strike agaist Vel-Amarco, essentially eliminating the corporate state over the course of six hours. She was a native of American Samoa.
GAILLARD, MONIQUE — The Hassassin Husam Yasbir killed this CEO of MagnaObra, destroying her Cube, though she was resurrected from a backup shortly thereafter.
GALINTHIAS, DIOMEDES — This Conciliator of Bakunin came from a technophile module of Praxis. He replaced his hair with connector wires, establishing a fashion with young Nomad hackers.
GĀNG TIE INDUSTRIES — A major company operating in the Human Sphere
GĀYATRĪ — The Serpentria front included this region on Paradiso.
GEIGER — This family competes against the Khruleff family. They honored a contractual agreement to protect Zoe Nemova and her mother for five years after her father was caught selling them secrets about Khruleff finances.
GHEZIRAH — The primary Haqqislam city on Paradiso.
GHULAM INFANTRY — The regular military force of Haqqislam, they make up in numbers and esprit de corps what other forces have in technological superiority.
GLAURUNG CUP — (Also: Challenge of Champions) Named for a legendary champion of this elite competition, the Cup brings together the winners of international tourneys. The host city for the Challenge of Champions rotates. Past hosts have included San Pietro on Neoterra.
GO-GO MARLENE — Host of the Go-Go Marlene Show on Oxyd, she is a mass media diva who ranks number one in Maya ratings.
GO-GO MARLENE SHOW — The number one Maya-rated media show hosted by Go-Go Marlene.
GOLDEN PAVAILION — Sun Tze maintains this autonomous memory space and virtual environment, completely removed and secure from the data sphere. He uses it as a retreat, secure meeting facility, and cache for information he would perfer not to share with ALEPH.
GONZÁLEZ, SERGEANT RUTH — Leader in a Hellcat Interdiction and Immediate Deployment Regiment, she led a jump in the action to liberate the Tollan-5 orbital in the Svalarheima system during the NeoColonial Wars.
GREAT APOSTASY — The agreement between ALEPH and many of the great religions of Earth.
GREAT ARBOREAL RESERVE — This is the last area of Acontecimento's natural biome, and is one of the largest preserves in the Human Sphere.
GRENZ SECURITY TEAM — (Also: Grenzer) These small Tunguska units are elite special weapons and tactics teams, used for missions beyond the capabilities of regular security forces. They were originally Croatian mercenaries in the employ of the Waldheim banking dynasty, and became a permanent unit within the Dragnet Special Actions Department when Waldheim moved their headquarters to Tunguska. Their name originates from the old Terra Krajišnici, or Graničari, Croatian mercenaries who fought for the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
GRISHA — Faithful Antipode companion of Colonel Voronin.
GROAN AND ABIDE — A common phrase of meteor heads and spacedogs, often used by Corregidor work teams.
GROUP OF SIX — This group forms some of the most influential and powerful PanOcianian corporations, consisting of Moto.tronica, Omnia Research, MagnaObra, Minescorp, Multicomm, and Oxyd.
GUĬ FĒNG — A Yu Jing special intelligence branch employing Special Forces operatives.
GUĪJIĂ — The most advanced Yu Jing TAG design. It is used by Sì Líng squads.


HACHIB — The title of the Prime Minister of Haqqislam.
HĂIMEN — This city lies in the Prefecture of Wei Chuan on Yutang.
HALO — This is the information projected by an individual's comlog, which has both public, "Open Halo," and private sections. It is accessible by others with comlogs. Many have the halo of others automatically projected onto their retinas.
HAMMER-1 — This Invisible Prison lies on Paradiso's moon, Satori. Yu Jing uses it to house very dangerous criminals and the very few Morats they have been able to capture alive. Political prisoners and Shasvastii POWs were housed in Cage-5.
HANSEL, HIGH FUNCTIONARY — Senior political representative of ALEPH.
HÀOGUĀNG — The Combined Army made an incursion into this Yu Jing Transorbital Defense Base, resulting in Combined Army prisoners.
HAQQISLAM — Born of new Islamic principles of science, philosophy, and humanism, this minor power colonised the Bourak system. Their Biomedical and Terraformation knowledge is unparalleled in the Human Sphere, as are their academies for Medicine and Planetology.
HAQQISLAMITE CORSAIR — The Haqqislam government sanctions, and sometimes directly hires, these vessels that stradke the line between mercenary and pirate.
HAQQMUZTAZILITE — This group of Haqqislam sages founded the Khawarijs, also known as the Red Turbans.
HASHT, CORASH — Born of the Shasvastii sequential brood 6/529, he was initially conditioned as protector of the Saviish for the Aerota star cluster. A Tohaa assault on his Saviish generated a burning desire for vengeance, and he requested transfer to a Corash unit. He came to specialize in assault and punitive missions against the Tohaa. He took part in the capture of the Teramaasu stronghold, the attack on the Trojans of the Breo-Kasi gas giant, and the destruction of science colonies on the planet Doymas. He first encountered Aelis Keesan while she served as a Xenoarcheologist on the Doymas, capturing and torturing her before rescue forces liberated her. He unexpectedly encountered Hatail Keesan again in the Nawrah BioIndustries lab on the Alhena-2 orbital, where they fought and wounded each other. He vows that the next time he encounters her will be the last.
HASSASSIN GOVAD — The Old Man of the Mountain created this covert operations group in the first days of the Hassassin Society and the Haqqislam nation. Until recently, they were completely unknown to other intelligence organizations, including other Hassassins. They had authority to investigate and eliminate threats to Haqqislam. Virtually all of their number were destroyed in a campaign against Equinox, and they continue their covert search-and-destroy missions against Equinox cells.
HASSASSIN SOCIETY — The Old Man of the Mountain created this organization of assassins to protect the new Haqqislam nation. It has a number of sub-sects, including Govads, Fidays, and...
HATAIL — Tohaa special operations unit.
HAZMAT A1 — Specialists earn this qualification, enabling them to work in areas of high toxicity, from vacuum to radiation, to biohazards. They can be found anywhere in the Human Sphere, from labs to spaceships to emergency response teams. They are sometimes called the "ghosts of the dead zones."
HELLCAT — (Also: Corregidor Interdiction and Immediate Deployment Regiment) This Nomad Corregidor force specializes in rapid deployment, airborne infiltration/exfiltration, and direct action missions.
HELOT — This semi-intelligent, amphibious species is native to Varuna. PanOceania companies use them for labor on sea farms and factories. Some, called Libertos, have rebelled against this role.
HIGH COMMISSIONER — Each system has an O-12 High Commissioner to coordinate and represent O-12 interests.
HIGH FUNCTIONARY — These aspects of ALEPH act as liaisons, representatives, and coordinators for the AI. They generally take purely consultative roles, but may be called upon to take other tasks requiring their heavy data processing capabilities.
HIKETEIA — This honor code binds Reverends of the Observance together, throughout life and the afterlife. They also apply it to those under their protection through a blood debt.
HOOK, ROBIN — This criminal AI uses expendable biosynthetic bodies to steal from the rich.
HORNOY, CARLOS — Current head of the Midnight Sun intelligence analyst organization.
HOURANI, TARIQA MIRIAM — This spokeswoman for the Hachib denounced the Aygir Incident before the O-12 Senate.
HSIEN — (Also: Hsien Warrior) Selected from decorated officers of the Imperial Service, Hsien make up the Emperor's personal guard. Virtually all are also high ranking Imperial Agents, and thus have power and authority to act with impunity in almost any situation.
HUANGDI — The north-eastern region on the southern continent of Svalarheima.
HUMAN SPHERE — This term refers to the 11 systems colonized by humanity: Earth, Neoterra, Acontecimento, Varuna, Yu Jing, Bourak, Concilium, Svalarheima, Paradiso, Human Edge, and Dawn.
HUSAM — Haqqislam special operations organization
HYDRO-SLIDER — A high-speed water transport
HYPERCORP — Short for "Hypercorporate Infrastructure", Xperydes Multi-National was the first to take advantage of the M-CORP law and quantronics to allow each worker to become their own subsidiary. The resultant community of producer-consumer that spanned all borders. O-12's Bureau Ganesh monitored this unusual exploit and eventually gave its blessing once it became clear the new structure was beneficial.


IBN AHMAD, KHALAF — This imam declared a fatwa against Farhad Khadivar, the founder of Haqqislam. According to legend, Yasbir, then a Hassassin Fiday, orchestrated the organizations vengeance against him.
ID BIOCHIP — Virtually all citizens of the Human Sphere have these passive identification chips embedded, excepting Nomads and Ariadnans. They are required for most legal employment opportunities. Nomads find them very disturbing, more evidence of ALEPH's surveillance.
IGUANA — (Also: Iguana Tactical Gear) One of the few TAGs with a Bakunin-designed pilot ejection system, Praxis Nomads designed an optimization and modernization package for this older design, allowing it to operate effectively in current conflicts. The pilot's autonomous armoured suit can utilize the TAG's main weapon, making an effective combatant after the TAG has been disabled or destroyed.
IKARI COMPANY — This mercenary unit is known to work with PanOcianian corporations, and was suspected of conducting the attack against the CS Aygir.
I-KHOL — A major corporation operating in the Human Sphere
IMMORTALS — See: Zhayedan Intervention Unit.
IMPERIAL SERVICE JUDGE — High ranking justice of the Emperor's High Courts who have standing an influence equal to mid- to high-ranking Party officials.
IMPLIED THREAT. URBAN LOOKS IN THE NEW CENTURY, AN — This piece by Starling covered Corregidor Jaguars
IMPULSION ENGINE — These engines power high tonnage spaceships.
INDIGO — This is the name for PanOciania's special forces organization.
INDOMITABLE WILL, O-12S — This O-12 mothership served as a headquarters for Paradiso Coordinated Command.
INFINITY — O-12 and ALEPH created this highest alert level that signifies an imminent full-scale conflict with potentially catastrophic consequences. Intelligence analysts sometime refer to it as the Chinese Curse or Interesting Times.
INFONEUTIKA — Nomad magazine on Arachne
INFOSEC — General term used for Information Security.
INFOWAR — (Also: Infowar Operations) AABBCC
INGRAMNET — A Maya channel whose catch phrase is "We bring you the wild side of the Sphere!"
INSIDIOUS SUSPICION — A popular Maya show.
INTERIOR SYSTEM — This PanOceania organization includes the Commercial Supervision Service.
INTERNATIONAL DISARM TREATY — The signing of this treaty failed at Concilium Prima.
INTERNATIONAL LAW OF SPECIAL PURPOSES — This Human Sphere law allows O-12 and ALEPH to commandeer individuals and equipment for emergencies related to the safety of the Human Sphere.
INTERSPACE TRUST CORPORATION — (Also: Yu Jing Interspace Trust Corporation) Often abbreviated YJITC, this Yu Jing Hypercorp concerned itself with astroports and cargo throughout the Human Sphere until the end of the NeoColonial Wars. Prior to this point, it was a Megacorp. After the Wars YJITC rapidly acquired over one hundred other corporations, including many with strategic significance. The Qingdao report and O-12 investigations suspect the Hypercorp is a front for Yănjīng, and that Yu Jing is simply continuing the NeoColonial Wars on an economic front. Owing to this, YJITC's operations are closely scrutinized outside of Yu Jing space. Most suspect that many of YJITC's Loĝanto are covert operatives for corporate espionage.
INTERVENTOR — Regarded as the best hackers and crackers in the Sphere, these Tunguskan Dragnet specialists provide counter-intelligence and cryptological support. Their primary mission is to establish and maintain electronic supremacy in infowar operations.
INTREPID, POS — This PanOceania cruiser served at Paradiso.
INTRUDER — (Also: Corregidor Assault Commando) These commandos provide reconnaissance, covert or guerilla operations, and sabotage capabilities for Nomad forces. An Intruder typically accompanies any large Corregidor work force to assess the site, provide security, formulate evacuation contingencies, and provide direct support when needed. When employed for special operations, they are widely feared as skilled hunters and assassins.
INVISIBLE PRISON OF SATORI — Yu Jing used these off-the-record prisons to house their most dangerous criminals and POWs, including those of the Combined Army.
IRAN ZHAT AL AMAT — This territory lies on Bourak.
IRREVOCABLE DECISION — This Bureau Aegis frigate served as a planning base for the Paradiso Coordinated Command.
IXION — The pilots of these specialized, high-G spaceships often have genetic and nanotech augmentation to endure the near constant strain of high-G travel.


JABŁOŃSKI, ELIASZ — This feature reporter for EtherNews wrote a piece on Neon Lotus Station.
JAGUAR — (Also: Corregidor Jaguar) Juan Sarmiento saw the maras of Lazareto as a source of veteran combatants, and trained those captured by his forces into hand-to-hand assault troops. Primarily used as shock troops, their ardor for combat can go too far, and they loose sight of the bigger picture in their eagerness to come face to face with the enemy. These units are stationed in their home modules in Lazareto, where they ignore the maras so long as they do not cause too much trouble.
JAPANESE SECTORIAL ARMY — (Also: JSA) A sectorial of Yu Jing military forces with segregated Japanese soldiers.
JÌNG FĒNG — A Yu Jing special forces operation where Sergeant Ko Dali sacrificed herself to allow the rest of the force to escape. A Yăngjīng intercept of PanOceania communications intiated the mission, where PanO and Haqqislam forces clashed over encrypted data related to a T'Zechi digester. Both those forces withdrew, leaving the arriving Yu Jing force to deal with the arriving Combined Army force. Ko Dali ordered the destruction of the data to prevent it from falling into EI hands.
JOAN OF ARC — ALEPH created this Recreation, based upon the historical figure, for PanOciania as part of Project "Orleans Maiden."
JORDDE, DOCTOR AREND — This Professor of Sociology and Political Science at Espiritu Santo University wrote Transformative Structures of the Sociopolitical Reality.
JOTUMS — (Also: Svalarheima Mechanized Cuirassiers) Taking their name from Jöunn, Frost Giants of Norse mythology, these large PanOceania TAGs are regarded as the most advanced weapon systems constructed in the Human Sphere.
JUMP GATE — These are the gates on either side of a stable wormhole. They allow interstellar travel.
JW, SERGEANT IAN — He trained inductees of the mercenary Star Company at its Tactical Instruction Center on Module 137 in the Lazareto district of Corregidor.


K1 SPECIAL AMMUNITION — This ammunition is designed to penetrate dense armor plate, and was designed to allow existing light rifles to have an armor piercing capability. It was reverse engineered from alien ordnance, designated VoodooTech, though technical details are classified, Alpha-1-Level Top Secret.
KAALASTOAN FRONT — A region of Tohaa / Shasvastii conflict in the Tohaa Colonial Territories.
KAPLAN TACTICAL SERVICES — This mercenary organization is well regarded in its homeland.
KAPU KHALQI — This is the military division of the Sword of Allah. They are the Sultanate's defence force, protecting Missions, orbital elevators, caravansaries, and orbitals. Their name means "Men of the Gate."
KĐSMET CARAVANSARY — Caravansary at Svalarheima
KEESAN, AELIS — This Hatail operative was captured and tortured by Corax Hasht during a Shasvastii raid on the planet Doymas, forming her intense hatred for Hasht. She was an assistant professor of Xenoarcheology for the University of Opbaaen, and travelled to Doymas to study the burial mounds of the extinct Doylya race. Shasvastii forces razed her encampment and captured her. Tohaa rescue forces liberated her, but only after she was near death from hours of torture at the hands of Hasht of Shasvastii Intelligence. Her recovery took weeks of regenerative treatments and surgeries. The use of military medical treatments coopted her into into the military, where she rejected an offer to become am Intelligence analyst and instead joined a Hatail unit. Her desire for vengeance against Hasht has driven her career ever since. She infiltrated the Nawrah BioIndustries lab on the Alhena-2 orbital, where she encountered him again, where they fought and both had narrow escapes.
KHADER, MULAZIM RASHID — Ths Haqqislam Khalwarij led the team against the Teqian PSN offices on Neon Lotus Station for Operation Red Viel.
KHADIJAH, CITY OF — The Palace of the Hachib lies in this city on the island of Nawal on Bourak.
KHADIVAR, FARHAD — The founder of Haqqislam.
KHAWAIJ — A group of HaqqMuztazilite sages founded the military-religious brotherhood of Khawarijs, commonly known as Red Turbans, to protect Haqqislam from internal and external threats. Recruits undergo the Runihura (Destructor) program of genetic enhancementto make them into super-soldiers. This program enhances strength, endurance, and reaction times. They are Ulema, scholars of the Faith, and divide their time between scholarly studies and combat training. They have a strict code of honor based upon their faith, and serve as examples to all Haqqislamites. In addition to their primary military role of light assault infantry, they often serve as counselors and bodyguards for officers and high ranking officials.
KHRULEFF — This family has great financial resources at the Bank of Tunguska, and competes against the Geiger family. They placed a bounty on Zoe Nemova and her mother after the capture of her father, who had sold financial information about them to the Geigers.
KO DALI, SERGEANT — Hero of the Yu Jing special forces was killed sacrificing herself in Operation Jìng Fēng, allowing her unit to destroy data before the EI could obtain it, as well as allowing most of them to escape.
KONSTANTINOS — He originally enlisted as an Order Sergeant to assuage his guilt of after crashing a lunar roverplane into a crater wall. His misjudgement, combined with flying without the copilot pseudoAI enabled, caused the mishap. The delay in the arrival of the Emergency Response Team he was transporting caused 5 deaths, including his girlfriend Niki, at a MagnaOrb dome-factory suffering from a Hassassin sabotage. Hoping to earn enough points for a Resurrection permit, he took on the most dangerous missions, earning him a spot in the Order of the Holy Sepulchre. After surviving several difficult missions there, Special Operations Command selected him as an Indigo agent. He still remains a thrill seeker.
KROBARK — This Morat Kurgat fought in the final battle to take the T'zenchi Digester on Paradiso, but was killed while reprograming the coordinates for the Digester's evacuation vessel.
KRUG — This gathering of the three Nomad motherships takes place every four years, with the location of the next determined at the previous Krug. Nomad Nation citizens eagerly anticipate the festival for opportunities for inter-ship collaboration and marriages, and the leaders use it for meetings and brainstorming that sets the strategic direction for the following years. An enormous number of international and inter-ship business deals are closed during the Krug as well.
KRUTS — Though technically the same as the Standard, Morat use this traditional name for their currency.
KUM BIKER — (Also: Kum Motorized Trooper) AABBCC
KURAGE CONFLICT — The Tohaa orchestrated this conflict.
KURGAT — Assault engineers of the Morats, often specializing in explosives.
KUTMAN, COMMODORE İSMAIL — Head of the Muhafiz, the Sultanate's Security and Intelligence Service.
KWON, LEI — The Keisotsu Guĭ Fēng Yuriko Oda killed this Imperial Agent, Pheasant rank, in an operation on a Multicomm facility on Ariadna.


LAST COSMOLITE — The term used for the last Cosmolite facility to be discovered on Paradiso, on an archipelago of the Sisargas Islands in the Barrier Sea. Upon discovery, it was fully functional and contained a T'zenchi Digester. Human and EI forces destroyed the facility during their efforts to recover the T'zenchi Digester.
LAU, XIA — This doctor is Yu Jing's foremost expert in xeno-linguistics, having worked with Combined Army prisoners in Invisible Prisons of Satori. She worked on the decryption of the Tohaa Black Box.
LAZARETO — (Also: Lazareto District) These are the massive modules added to the structure of the Nomad Corregidor mothership during the equatorial refugee crisis. A large portion of the initial population were guerilla fighters and demobilized soldiers from South America. It is home to a number of criminal gangs of Latino and African descent who engage in near continual tribal conflicts that sometimes brings the attentions of Praesidio authorities.
LĚNGDÒNG GŬ — A Nomad special operations team infiltrated this Yu Jing military compound in Huangdi on Svalarheima and escaped with secret data.
LHOST — This term describes the artificial bodies used for Resurrection. There are a variety of types and grades, depending on need, from those virtually indistinguishable from a normal person to heavily augmented military versions that allow for increased speed and strength.
LIBERTARIAN POLITICS REVIEW, THE — A channel on Maya and Arachne.
LIBERTOS — This is the name for the rebel group of Helots on Varuna
LIGHTSPEED — This is the PanOceania Remote racing team, which is typically ranked first owing to their technical superiority. The Nomad team, Voltage, has challenged this recently.
LISIEWICZ, WING CHIEF — This pilot of the Order of Dobrzyń inserted a team out of the Strelsau Monastery.
LIZARD — This is the name given to Bakunin TAGs, typically older, surplus models that have been upgraded by their advanced tech factories. With upgrades, Lizard performance is on par with any modern TAG.
LIZARD SQUAD — These squadrons of Lizard TAGs for the core of the Bakunin Jurisdictional Command.
LOĜANTO — (Also: Loĝanto System) Xperydes Omni-National referred to its community model by this name, whose current meaning translates to "insider." It refers to an employee/consumer of any Hypercorp.
LOROLOCCO — This famous Bakunin Nomad company's name translates to "Crazy Parrot."
LUCKY EIGHT — Authorized Bounty Hunter Max Skorpio raided this Triad-owned betting house with the support of local police. It lies in the city of Hăimen, in the Prefecture of Wei Chuan on Yutang.
LUUNDA, HIGH COUNCILOR KAAL — High Councilor of the Tohaa High Council.


MAASRI, SERGEANT — This Zhayedan served under Mulazim Rashid Khader for Operation Red Viel.
MAG-LEV — Magnetic levitation, often used for train transports.
MAGNAOBRA — This corporation is one of the largest in PanOciania, and is part of the Group of Six. Monique Gaillard is its CEO. They covertly support the Equinox terrorist organization.
MAGNO — This is the code name for an independent Nomad operative, former military from the Bakunin Jurisdictional Command. He is an elleged smuggler with connection to the Black Hand. He infiltrated teh Punta Norte Defense Centre with a Sælig body of Svengali in autonomous mode.
MAAOL — Tohaa regenerative symbiont.
MAGHARIBA GUARD — Only the most cunning and skilled pilots are chosen for this elite Haqqislam TAG unit. The personal guard of the Hachib are selected from its ranks.
MAGNO — This was the code name used by a former Bakunin Jurisdictional Command operative who also had ties to smuggling operations and the Black Hand. He infiltrated the Punta Norte Defense Research Centre along with one of Svengali's Sælig bodies.
MALDONADO — One of the Corregidor Alguaciles who took part in Operation Icestorm.
MALGA, DEESVA — This Tohaa diplomat was aboard the EveningStar during its destruction, and after recovery of her Crash Coffin by human forces, she was subsequently captures by Combined Army forces after the Blast-1 platform combat.
MANAHEIM — City on Concilium Prima
MANAHEIM UNIVERSITY — This university is in Concilium Prima on Concilium.
MAP ROOM — Name for the holographic chart/map rooms aboard PanOciania vessels.
MARA — These Corregidor criminal gangs of the Lazareto District were initially created to shield the populace from violence, but quickly transformed into organized crime syndicates. They are of Latino and African descent. Over time, as scarcity diminished and Praesidio Alguacil Corps exerted more control, maras became less overt in their activities, but still work behind the scenes.
MARAS: POWER IN THE FRINGES OF SPACE — Dr Desirée Anne Ng penned this essay at the request of Bureau Athena.
MAREETA, DIAAN — This Tohaa diplomatic representative missed the Group of Six summit aboard the SCS Stella Solaris while recovering from toxin ingestion.
MARKET OF WAR — This mercenary stock market values soldiers and units in accordance with their capabilties, experience, and equipment. Employers buy, sell, and trade.
MARTIAN UNDERGROUND CIRCUIT — An illegal racing circuit, typically using remotes or bikes, using the underground tunnels of Mars' Mag-Lev transportation system.
MAYA — This is the data/news/entertainment network of the Human Sphere, overseen by ALEPH. It competes with Arachne, the network supported by the Nomad Nation.
MAYACOURIER — A Maya-based news service.
MAX-SEC — These Maximum-Security encryption seals are impregnable without also destroying the data contained within.
MCANDREW, ISOBEL — The maternal Grandmother of Isobel McGregor, she was a legendary heroine of the Antipode Offensives.
MCCOY, JULIE — Marine Engineering Officer of the cruise spaceship SCS Stella Solaris.
MCGREGOR, ISOBEL — Named after her maternal grandmother, Isobel McAndrew, she felt compelled to live up to that example. She joined the Caledonian military and earned a position in the Department of Intelligence. During a tour to Paradiso, she took advantage of a Bureau Aegis technical adaptation program that launched her abilities as a hacker. She specializes in stealing tech and cyber secrets for Stavka. She hacked an illegal Yu Jing emplacement in the Northern Border on Dawn in Operation Dragonslayer.
MCMURROUGH, TEARLACH DEARG — From his time playing Dog-Ball, he was known as Dearg (Red) McMurrough due to red patches in his fur. He is fiercely independent and without loyalties beyond his current employer. The shun and scorn heaped upon him in his childhood has given him an angry disposition. He cut his teeth on the battlefield with the Cameronians. Qaid Fahesh discovered and hired him for his personal guard while on Dawn. Fahesh continued to employ and develop McMurrough throughout the Commercial Conflicts. He left Fahesh and now offers his services to the highest bidder throughout the Sphere.
MCNEILL, UXIA — Commander of commando group of the Ariadnan Expeditionary Corps. Her force rescues two Tohaa diplomats from the Blast-1 platform in the face of overwhelming Comibned Army forces.
M-CORP LAW — O-12 created this law in the wake of the elimination of Vel-Amarco to prevent corporations from becoming state entities.
MEDUSA HEAD — (Also: Medusa's Head) Common name for the secured interface needed to control remote TAGs.
MEENSA, RAAF — A member of the inner circle of the Tohaa Triumverate
MEGACORP — (Also: Megacorporation) As distiguished from Corporations and Hypercorps, they are interplanetary in scope, but constrain themselves to a single polity. They have small administrative or sales offices beyond those confines, but also avoid M-CORP law. Examples include Moto.Tronica and Beyhan Resources, Inc.
MEMORY ALTERATION — This procedure, typically only commercially available in the Nomad Nation, can alter the memories of the subject.
MERCENARY COMPANY — See: Free Mercenary Company
MERCENARY UNIT — The most common mercenary unit is a squad, led by a Captain who negotiates for the unit.
MEROVINGIAN FRANC — An internal Ariadnan currency used in Merovingia.
METACHEMISTRY — This field involves alteration of body chemistry for a desired effect, such as passive or extremely violent behavior. Bakunin leads the development of this science.
METEOR HEAD — A colloquial term referring to those hardened by their experiences in space, often used for space miners and EVA teams. They are known for their brusque, rough character and boisterous after hours activities.
METEOR HEADS — This was a feature news article on Corregidor by Newscom.
METEOR ZOND — This variety of Nomad Zond carried a load of sensors, tracking systems, and target acquisition arrays, like Stempler Zonds, but their chassis is modified for combat jump capability..
MEULLER, FATHER-OFFICER — This officer of the Teutonic Order was a shift-commander for the Security Control Room of the Strelsau Crypt on Paradiso.
MEXICAN GENERAL, THE — See: Juan Sarmiento.
MICROMIND — This term refers to the brains of remotes and other, similar constructs.
MIDNIGHT SUN — One of many intelligence analysis organizations used by the Black Hand, they use competition as a means of optimizing output, which has made it very successful. Carlos Hornoy is its current head.
MILITARY COMPLEX — This is the overarching organization containing all of PanOceania's military. Its headquarters lies on Neoterra.
MILITARY ORDER — The Church of PanOceania maintains a number of Military Orders that operate alongside their other military units.
MINESCORP — This corporation is one of the largest in PanOciania, and is part of the Group of Six. They hired Anaconda Squadron on Dawn.
MIRACLE! — A news and opinion channel on Maya and Arachne!
MOBILE BRIGADA — These are Corrigidor's heavy infantry units, which bear the assault role in the Nomad Military Force. Their reputation for bravery and honesty make them highly sought after in mercenary markets. They are also used for contract enforcement, occupying and ransoming the compound of any employers who abuse their nomad work force. This makes them particularly popular with Corregidorians.`
MODERATOR CORPS — This force enforce security and civic oversight on Bakunin, ensuring that Social Energy does not escalate into physical conflict.
MODULE 137 — This module in the Lazareto disctrict of Corregidor contained the mercenary Star Company's Tactical Instruction Center.
MONTCRIEF, VICTOR — This Deputy Secretary of Minescorp attended the ill-fated Group of Six summit aboard the SCS Stella Solaris, and died when the summit's Observation Room lost pressure integrity.
MORAT — A highly militaristic race that serves the EI.
MORDANT — This Father Knight of the Church took part in Operation Icestorm. He participated in the defence of the R&D Area in the final stage of the Nomad assault.
MORLOCK GRUPPE, DIE — major subgroups consist of Morlock Aufstand (Rebellion) Gruppe, Morlock Chaos Gruppe, and Morlock Schden (Damage) Gruppe. These groups consist of those too violent or antisocial to exist within Bakunin's modules. MetaChemistry compounds suppress their violent impulses until committed to battle, when other compounds heighten those same impulses. Their combat tactics are understandably direct: run to the closest enemy and hit them till they stop moving.
MOTO.TRONICA — This Megacorp is one of the largest of PanOciania, and is one of the Group of Six. They have a research center in Ensom Dal, Trollhätan, on Svalarheima, produces Remote Presence cockpits for PanOceania TAGs. They are developing an advanced auto-medical system for them.
MOUNT OLYMPUS PORT AREA — A district on Mount Olympus on Mars.
MUHAFIZ — This is the Haqqislam Funduq (Sultanate) Security and Intelligence Service.
MÜLLER SEBASTIAN — Max Skorpio caught this renegade corsair aboard the Nox-5 Autonomous Orbital Redoubt in Human Edge.
MULAZIM — Haqqislam rank of Lieutenant
MULTICOMM — This corporation is one of the largest in PanOciania, and is part of the Group of Six.
MULTISPECTRAL VISOR — This combination of sensors and visor can penetrate many concealment and camouflage technologies.
MURABID TUAREG — This Haqqislam scout unit consists of Badawis of the Taba region. The maintain their traditional Berber culture, and excel in stealth and camouflage.
MURRAY — This ORC Trooper Sergeant led a force of Fusiliers in defense of the Moto.tronica research station during the Nomad's Operation Icestorm.
MY BEAUTIFUL MISTAKE — This band was popular on VaudeVille.
MYRMIDON — These LHost troops serve as ALEPH's elite shock troops, many in Assault Subsection.
MYRMIDON WARS — A popular Maya show.


NAFFATÛN — This specialist unit of the Ghulam Infantry specializes in light assualt missions and utilize a wide variety of incindiary armaments, including flamethrowers that use a self-accelerating incendiary gel and Napht charges. Other units tend to give them a wide berth due to their explosive payload.
NANODRUGS — These drugs can target very specific areas of the body for a desired effect. Their use ranges from medical treatment to recreational purposes.
NANOSCREEN — A screen of nanobots that can act as armor against incoming attacks.
NANOTECH — General term for nano-technology.
NANOTECH WARS — Circa 80 years ago, these wars were characterised by the widespread use of weaponized nanotech. They devastated the North American West Coast.
NAPHT — A hyper-concentrated napalm material used in incendiary charges.
NAUMANN — A Haqqislam Hassassin eliminated this PanOceania Magister Knight of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre and took his identity during the defense of the Black Box by Yu Jing forces on Paradiso.
NAWAL ISLAND — The City of Khadijah and the Palace of the Hachib lie on this island on Bourak.
NAWRAH BIOINDUSTRIES — This Haqqislam biotech company has a facility on the Alhena-2 orbital in Paradiso.
NEESAR, HIGH COUNCILOR OODA — High Councilor of the Tohaa High Council.
NEGREPONTI, SOPHIA — This Reverend Moira took part in the raid on the MagnaObra Artificial Intelligence Research Compound, which was being utilized by ALEPH.
NEMOVA, ZOE — At eight years old, Zoe caught a rare degenerative disease, a mutated American military virus. The costly therapies to keep her alive were only available on Praxis, and at great cost. By age sixteen, 60% of her body had been replaced by biosynthetics. After the abduction of her father by the Kruleff family, she and her mother sheltered under the protection of the Geiger family for the five years mandated by her father's contract. She lived on the run after this, pursued by Kruleff's mercenaries. She excelled in technical skills and earned a place in Praxis' ArTechnodivarius group. Whle working there, she developed her remote companion, Π-Well. Kruleff mercenaries forced her to flee again, staying one step ahead for several years. She contributed in the C-7 incident, suffering both physical trauma and the death of her mother. In gratitude, the Nomad military cancelled the Kruleff bounty and welcomed here into the Clockmakers Team. She is brilliant, fickle, independent, and rebellious. Her physical appearance is constantly in flux due to implants and augmentations.
NEON LOTUS STATION — This orbital lies in Mars' near orbit, one of the first established by Yu Jing. It was designed for commercial and recreational activities, initially for workers of mars engineering projects. The station has been continually renovated and expanded as needs have shifted towards its commercial mission. More than half of its volume is dedicated to its ample commercial area. Offices here are much sought after, and corporate tenenats include Shangmei Products, Teqian PSN, and Tietan Tech.
NEOTERRA — The first system discovered by PanOceania explorers, it serves as its political, financial, religious, and technological capital. The Pope leads the Church from his basilica in San Pietro. The Military Complex of PanOceania has its headquarters here as well. Most important technology companies of the Human Sphere have offices or headquarters here.
NEOVATICAN — The organization of the Church in PanOceania.
NEW GLOBAL ECONOMY HOTSPOTS — Doctor Isabella Abruzzi wrote this piece, which included a chapter on Nomad Commercial Missions.
NEWSCOM — A Maya news channel
NG, DOCTOR DESIRÉE ANNE — This Professor of Anthropology at the University of Manaheim wrote Maras: Power in the Fringes of Space at the request of Bureau Athena publishing service.
NEIMANDSZONE — (Also: Neimands Zone) Term for "no man's land," or enemy territory in the Paradiso offensives.
NINJA — Yu Jing does not acknowledge the existence of these black ops assassins. They are experts in stealth, infiltration, disguise, and more lethal skills. These Nipponese elite trace their history back to 15th century Japan.
NIRVANA — This corporation operates on Bourak and has dealings with MagnaObra.
NISSES — (Also: Svalarheima Nisses) This veteran PanOceanic Tactical Assault Group originates from Svalarheima and specializes in Forward Team and Security missions. Their training allows them to operate in the harsh, frozen climate of Svalarheima, as well as other hostile environments.
NITROCAINE — A powerful stimulant and hallucinogen
NOMAD INTELLIGENCE AGENCY — The official name for what may other nations call The Black Hand.
NOMAD MILITARY FORCE — The armed forces of the Nomad Nation
NOMAD NATION — The Nomad Nation exists primarily upon three titanic space vessels: Tunguska, Corregidor, and Bakunin, and their society is considered rebellious and/or alternative by the rest of the Sphere. Despite having no planetary territory, O-12 recognizes them as a sovereign nation. Governance is achieved via an executive board, consisting of two members for each vessel. The Tunguskan representatives have veto privileges, reflecting their greater influence. Nomads distrust the AI, ALEPH, and have created their own, independent network. Each vessel has it's own speciality. Tunguska focusses on the trade, traffic, and storage of information. Corregidor provides skilled space labor. Bakunin caters to the exotic, illegal, and irregular in industries from entertainment to fachion to bioengineering. Haqqislam is a direct competitor for trade routes, but a political ally. Ariadna is a major services market and also an ally.
NOMAD MILITARY FORCE — This is the official name for the Nomads' military organization. Tunguska provides the primary financing; Bakunin the technology; and Corregidor the majority of its seasoned veterans.
NON-ALIGNED COUNTRY — This term refers to Earth nations that remain independent from the major interstellar powers. Though they still play the political field, they have little direct influence.
NORSTRALIA NORTH-CENTRAL FRONT — A front in the Combined Army's Second Offensive on Paradiso.
NOVOMOON CHURCH — This lost Bakunin Commune was in habitation module A-2.
NOX-5 AUTONOMOUS ORBITAL REDOUBT — This autonomous station lies in the Human Edge system.
NS — Abbreviation for Nomad Ship
NYKÅFJORD — PanOceania has a forward military post here on Svalarheima. It provided an intervention force opposing the Nomads at the Motor.tronica research station in Operation Icestorm.


O-12 — An inter-governmental organization spawned by the United Nations. It has formidable powers, and is tasked with maintaining peace, enforcing interstellar law, and maintaining the balance of power between the polities of the Human Sphere. They coordinate all tasks requiring supernational interaction. They also oversee humanity's AI, ALEPH.
O-12S — Abbreviation for O-12 Ship
O-12 SENATE — The legislative body for nations of the Human Sphere, located on Concilium Prima.
OASIS — Saladin maintains this autonomous memory space and virtual environment, completely removed and secure from the data sphere. He uses it as a retreat, secure meeting facility, and cache for information he would perfer not to share with ALEPH.
ÖBERHAUS — (Also: O-12 Öberhaus) The O-12 senate.
OBSERVANCE, THE — This Nomad religion uses Reverend Healer-Killers to heal "the evil within" by exterminating it.
OBSERVANCE OF MERCY — This is the name of the Bakunin convent module housing the Observants of Saint Mary of the Knife, Our Lady of Mercy.
OBSERVANCE OF SAINT MARY OF THE KNIFE, OUR LADY OF MERCY — Also: Observance, The) This is the full name of The Observance, a schism of the old Catholic Church.
OBSERVATION ROOM — Transparent domes made of reinforced transparent materials on the skin of spacecraft, especially cruise ships and yachts.
OCEANA — The strongest currency of the Human Sphere, used by PanOceania.
ODA, YURIKO — She is a Keisotsu Guĭ Fēng operative. After she saw the bigotry towards Nipponese ethnicity and culture, the Kempeitai convinced her to enlist in the Yănjīng, where she continues to serve as a double agent.
OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAIN — Spiritual and philosophical leader of the Haqqislam Hassassins. He created the Hassassin Society and its sub-sects during the creation of the Haqqislam nation.
OMNIA RESEARCH & CREATION CORPORATION — (Also: ORC Corporation) This corporation is one of the largest of PanOciania, and is part of the Group of Six. It is known for its medium and heavy combat armours.
OOMNYA — A failed Tohaa colony. The seed-copy of the colony's Digester was intercepted by the Triumverate.
OPBAAEN — Home to the Tohaa University of Opbaaen.
OPERATION DRAGONSLAYER — Intel Volunteer Isobel McGregor hacked the systems of an illegal Yu Jing emplacement in the Northern Boarder on Dawn.
OPERATION ICESTORM — A Corregidor Nomad Military Force, supported by Tunguskan specialists, assaulted a remote Moto.tronica Corporation research center in Trollhätan, Ensom Dal, Svalarheima. PanOceania forces detected the shuttle and resisted the effort.
OPERATION INVISIBLE FORCE — Fusilier Angus and Fusilier Indigo Bipandra took part in this intelligence gathering operation into the occupied city of Taittiriya during the Second Offensice, Gatatri Region, Septentria Front, Paradiso.
OPERATION XUĚBÁI HŬ — (Also: Operation Snow-White Tiger) Keisotsu Guĭ Fēng Yuriko Oda inserted via the stealth shuttle Zhànchē in this operation on Svalaraheima.
ORBITAL LIFT — Another term for space elevator.
ORBITAL RING — This structure orbited the planet Eris in the Kuiper Belt.
ORC TROOP — This is the name of the PanOceanic heavy infantry soldiers of the Heavy Tactical Group, who gained their moniker from the armour they wear, manufactured by ORC Corp.
ORDER OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE — This elite PanOceanic order recruits the best from within the other Military Orders.
ORDER OF DOBRZYŃ — PanOceanic order incorporating pilots.
ORTEGA — One of the Corregidor Alguaciles who took part in Operation Icestorm. He commanded the force that secured the perimeter during the first stage of the operation.
ORTIZ, JOSEPH "JOSH" — This Corregidor Jaguar gave an interview for the show Urban Sentinels.
OSTERMANN, ORDER SERGEANT — This NCO of the Teutonic Order served in the Security Control Room of the Strelsau Crypt on Paradiso.
OXYD MEDIA — This entertainment Hypercorp is one of the largest in PanOciania, and is part of the Group of Six. Its media division sponsors the Go-Go Marlene Show.
OYAMA, "NEKO" — An elite JSA operative who was part of the JSA rescue mission that saved Ambassador Maara Seegur from Combined Army forces after the destruction of EveningStar.


PALACE OF THE HACHIB — The seat of the Hachib of Haqqislam lies in the City of Khadijah on Nawal Island on Bourak.
PANCHO — The drakomon pet of Lupe Balboa, acquired during the Jovian collector factory labor conflicts.
PANOCEANIA — This polity has the most territory in the Human Sphere, along with the strongest economy and most advanced technological base. It is the self-proclaimed defender of the Western traditions of democracy and public welfare. It is a melting pot of cultures, valuing pragmatism and generosity. Their military forces employ the most advanced technology in the Sphere.
PARADISE OF SECRETS: THE TRUTH ABOUT TUNGUSKA — This was a feature news article about Tunguska by ComGate.
PARADISO — Initially colonized by most of the major powers of the Human Sphere on the starship Aurora, the Combined Army of the EI invaded this lush jungle planet, turning it into a ongoing war zone. Areas untouched by the war retain their verdant beauty. The Tohaa had a major research center here, with a T'zechi Digester and several Cosmolite facilities. They used an Ur-Probe and the compromised Digester from Dawn to lure the EI and bring about the conflict between the EI and Human Sphere. This "bait" Digester was hidden in onoe of the Cosmolites and that location planted where humanity would find it.
PARADISO AFFAIRS, THE — Term used for the series of events that led to contact between Humanity and the Tohaa Trinomial.
PARADISO COORDINATED COMMAND — The O-12 coordinates this combined command of units fighting the Combined Army on Paradiso.
PARADISO CROSSROAD — The Tohaa Triumverate's name for the intelligence operatrion to lead humanity to the T'zenchi Digester on paradiso, in the process cementing a treaty and humanity and forcing the EI into a larger conflict on two fronts.
PENNY ARCADE, THE — This is the O-12 code name for facility created to study the Ur artifact (T'zenchi Digester) recovered from the Last Cosmolite. The location is secret and protected by ALEPH: deep within the Human Sphere.
PENUMBRA TECHNOLOGY — This refers to a number of nanotech agents used for broad-spectrum optical and signal jamming. Examples include Dark Mist and Black Fog. They are theoretically preprogrammed to become inert after operations cease, tuning into so much dust, but during the NeoColonial Wars and Commercial Conflicts there were many instances where this was not the case. Deactivating a cloud is not difficult, but does require a specialist and considerable expense.
PHANTOM CONFLICT — PanOceania and Yu Jing, encouraged by ALEPH, conducted this covert war against the Nomad Nation, seeking to eradicate it as a major power. The Nomads adroitly repelled physical and political assaults. Unwilling to cross over into overt warfare, the PanOceania and Yu Jing's failed shadow war only served to enhance the Nomad Nation's stature.
PHARMACOMP — This PanOciania pharmaceutical corporation was based in Tinirau on Varuna.
PHARTHALIA ISLANDS — An island region on Bourak.
PHEASANT RANK — A senior rank of Yu Jing Imperial Agents.
Π-WELL — (Also: Pi-Well) Zoe Nemov built this remote during her time at ArTechnodivarius out of scrap and black market parts, and it has been her constant companion ever since. Π-Well's micromind contains an AI that is illegal outside Nomad jurisdiction.
PHOENIX — An ALEPH recreation who served in Assault Subsection with Achilles, often as his mentor and confidant.
PHOENIX OPS — (Also: Phoenix Operations) An operation where the operatives are killed after the mission, and then reincarnated from a backup taken just before, thus eliminating any memory of the mission. Use of this technique would be hideously expensive, and its use has never been confirmed.
POD — Ubiquitous name for a transport unit, which can interface with ground or air transport.
POPE — The leader of the Church and humanity's Christians, the Pope leads from the basilica in San Pietro on Neoterra.
POS — Abbreviation for PanOceania Ship
PRAESIDIO — This is the original central structure of the Nomad Corregidor mothership, consisting of command, security, engineering, and prisoner holding cells. Praesidio citizens form the bulk of the Nomad Nation's military forces
PRAXIS — This region of the Bakunin Nomad mothership specializes in genetic, biomechanical, and industrial research, much of which would be frowned upon elsewhere in the Human Sphere. It produces the drugs required by Nomad Nation citizens to prevent illneses and birth defects caused by cosmic rays and radiation. It creates marvels and horrors in equal measure.
PREFECTURE OF WEI CHAUN — A prefecture on Yutang
PRIVATE MILITARY COMPANY — See: Free Mercenary Company
PSEUDOAI — These limited AIs serve in complex systems requiring rapid reaction, such as automatic pilot or copilot equipment.
PREVIEW OF WAR ON THE SPHERES — Stéphanie Shuk wrote this column concerning the conflict between the Nomad Nation and ALEPH over Arachne for BIBLIOTEK.
PSI UNIT — Military Intelligence unit of the Bureau Aegis of O-12. They operate throughout the Human Sphere. PSYCHOWARLOCKS — These Bakunin practitioners can perform Reincarnations for the right price.
PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST — These Loĝanto of the YJITC preverse the "face" of the hypercorp, and are authorized to use almost any measns to do so.
PUNTA NORTE DEFENSE RESEARCH CENTRE — A PanOceania facility on the Camões Archipeligo on Acontecimento. It has a slave AI in charge of its security systems.


QAPU KHALQI ARMADA — (Also: Qapu Khalqi Fleet) The Sultanate commands this Haqqlislam naval force in the interest of protecting commercial interests, often based upon Muhafiz intelligence.
QINGDAO REPORT — This is the name of an O-12 report that implicated Yu Jing's Yănjīng service and the operations of the Interspace Trust Corporation. After being leaked to the public, YJITC's operations came under heavy scrutiny.
QIN SHI HUANGDI — This revered, ancient emperor of China unified the country and founded the Chinese Empire, circa 270BC.
QUANTRONICS — Short for Quantum Electronics: quantum-based electronics.


RADAN, LJUBO — Also known as "Ballistic," the Freelance Hounds program on IngramNet interviewed this Autorized Bounty Hunter.
RAMAH TASKFORCE — Eda Birkan commanded this special operations capable division of the Sword of Allah.
RAQEEB — Haqqislam rank of Sergeant
RASHOMON STING, THE — Tunguskan Grenzers eliminated this threat before it could be executed.
RASSOUL, IRFAN — This Raqeen (Sergeant) of the Zhayedan Intervention Unit served at the Forward Post of Paradiso Coordinated Command on the Central Front in the First Paradiso Offensive.
REAKTION ZOND — This high mobility variety of Nomad Zond carries a variety of weapons, along with state of the art Total Reaction systems.
RECREATION — ALEPH's immense computational power allows it to recreate the personalities and memories of historical figures and implant them into specialized Lhosts. This program has recreated Sun Tze, Joan of Arc, and others, not always with predictable results.
RED AUCTION — In Corregidor's dark, early days, they auctioned off the only things of value they possessed: the prisoners. Dubbed the "Red Auction" due to frequent bloodshed between bidders to eliminate competition, it gave Corregidor the assets they needed to survive until they could establish income from their space labor and mercenary forces.
RED DIAMOND TEAM — This emergency response unit served on the Orbital Ring of the planet Eris in the Kuiper Belt.
RED FLAG — A mercenary company, or individual, who provides poor work or services will be Red Flagged on the War market, making future employment problematic.
RED FRIDAY — Brigadier General Talia Gabbard commanded this combined strike against the nacent Vel-Amarco incorporated state in response to their hostile takeover of American Samoa. PanOceania provided military support, and Yu Jing assisted with the financial assault. The operation was highly successful, effectively eliminating Vel-Amarco over the course of six hours.
RED MOUND — PanOciania Combat Group Red-K took this strategic hill in Septentria during misdirection operations against the EI, but at great human cost.
REEVAR, PRESIDENT HAALA — President of the Tohaa High Council.
RELIC, THE — Name given to the alien artifact at the Strelsau Monastery. It is a T'Zechi Digester planted there by the Tohaa.
REMORA — Shasvastii ship class
REMOTE — This general term describes remotely operated platforms of all types, where the remote executes the commands of its controller, who is typically far away.
RESURRECTION — An individual with a Cube can be resurrected into a suitable Lhost artificial body. The process requires Silk, and access is controlled by the religious and state organizations of the Sphere.
RESURRECTION PERMIT — The religious organizations of the Sphere and ALEPH grant small numbers of these permits via both merit, such as the PanOceania point system, and lottery.
REVEREND — The Observance bestows this title upon warriors of the faith with complete commitment to the cause. They live in accordance with hiketeia, the honor code that binds all Reverends in both life and death.
REVEREND HEALER-KILLER — (Also: Mender) The Observance trains these women to heal the Sphere by exterminating evil. They are Observants of Our Lady of Mercy, Saint Mary of the Knife, keeping other Reverend sisters alive while still dispatching deal to foes. They are a symbol of the cleansing power of death, and are known for their precision and nearly psychopathic detachment. The Nomads sometimes use them militarily for assault commando or assassination missions. They are sometimes called "witches," though never to their face.
REVEREND MOIRAS — Field Observants, named after primitive Greek enforcers of fate, these women excel in InfoWar, specializing in the fight against ALEPH and other technologically superior threats. These Bakunin assault commandos are AI experts and Observants of Saint Mary of the Knife, Our Lady of Mercy. The Observance of Mercy convent module in Praxis is their home. They often train with Corregidor Intruders and form the core of both Bakunin's offensive forces and the Tactical Section of the Black Hand. They have completed the Seven Rituals and wear blessed nails in their back to demonstrate their devotion.
ROBOTRAIN — Term for automated an cargo mag-lav train controlled by a pseudo-AI.
ROSEBUD — Wild Bill defeated this Ariseia! fighter along with Wriesen in a 2v1 duel.
ROSHNII CODE — The EI transmitted this signal to Shasvastii infiltrators on the EveningStar two days after the signing of the Contact Treaty. It triggered a chain of killings and sabotage that led to the destruction of the EveningStar.
ROVERPLANE — (Also: Lunar Roverplane) These transport craft allow for rapid movement of personnel and critical materials on low gravity moons, such as Luna. Due to the difficulty in piloting them unassisted, they are equipped with a pseudoAI copilot.
ROYAL SPACER UNLIMITED — This hypercorp is the largest stellar cruise ship company in the Human Sphere.
RUNIHURA — Also known as Destructor, this supersoldier program involving genetic enhancement, this augmentation enhances strength, endurance, and reaction times. It was used by the HaqqMuztazilite to create the Khawarijs (Red Turbans).
RUNOHAA — Birth planet of the Tohaa.
RUSH HOUR — The catch phrase of this Maya channel is "We're in the Thick of It!"


SADHU — This Akal Commando Sergeant took part in Operation Icestorm. He conducted a sub-orbital insertion to defend Production Area Alpha during the third stage of the Nomad assault.
SÆLIG — These are the L-Host mobster bodies of the criminal AI, Svengali.
SALADIN — See: Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb
SÁLVORA — (Also: Free Island of Sálvora) This island on Paradiso is home to the new Tohaa Embassy after the destruction of the EveningStar.
SAN PIETRO — The basilica of the Pope and Church lies in this city on Neoterra.
SARI HAN — (Also: Sari Han Orbital Base) This orbital facility is an important layover between Bourak and its Jump Gates.
SARMIENTO, JUAN — Also known as The Mexican General, he is a commander in Corregidor Jurisdictional Command.
SASKEN COMM — This communication corporation operates on Svalarheima.
SATORI — The Invisible Prison, Hammer-1, lies on this moon of Paradiso.
SAVIISH — This term refers to a Shasvastii SpawnEmbryo reserve-hatchery.
SCS — Abbreviation for Splendour-Class Ship
SEASIDE AIRPORT — This airport lies in the Snark Lands of Dawn.
SECLOCK CONTINGENCIES — This corporation specializes personal security and protection for corporate clients, often utilizing its Corporate Security Units (CSU).
SECOND OFFENSIVE — (Also: Paradiso Second Offensive) The second wave of the Combined Army invasion of Paradiso.
SECURIBOT — Short for Security Robot, these bots are widely employed by civilian corporations.
SEDLÁK, MILENA — This Hazmat A1 specialist technician served with the Red Diamond Team emergency response unit on the Orbital Ring of the planet Eris in the Kuiper Belt.
SEEDEMBRYO — A Shasvastii can enter this symbiont organism that has the ability to induce a constant REM state for transport, and can simultaneously stimulate mental and muscle memory. An umbilical connects the Sahsvastii to the SeedEmbryo when inside. They can be triggered to hatch from external stimuli.
SEED-SOLDIER — A general term for basic Shasvastii soldiers, derived from their use of SeedEmbryos.
SEEGUR, AMBASSADOR MAARA — This Ambassador is one of the senior Tohaa representatives for interaction with the human race, head of the Tohaa mission, and signed the initial treaty between the two. She advised the High Council on actions to be taken at Nawrah BioIndustries lab on the Alhena-2 orbital. She travels by Cube transmission through Jump Gates.
SEEKER RACE — Tohaa term for a race that pursues militaristic expansion, potentially putting the Tohaa in jeopardy.
SEILER, FATHER-OFFICER — A PanO officer operated out of the Strelsau Monastery on Paradiso. The Hasaassin Al-Djabel killed him while on an operation to recover data related to a T'zechi Digester on Paradiso.
SELECTA — This comlog app sifts news and content, presenting material that aligns with the user's tastes.
SEÑOR MASSACRE — A former Aristeia! fighter and commando with the Nomad Military Force, he is now a mercenery opeative for hire.
SERPENTRIA FRONT — Front duirng the Second Offensive on Paradiso.
SEVEN RITUALS, THE — Reverend Moiras perform all seven of these rituals of the Observance.
SEZER, KIVANÇ — A Shavastii Speculo Killer disguised as Selma Ünsal killed this Nawrah BioIndustries logistics manager who worked in Warehouse 02 in the Alhena-2 orbital in the Paradiso system. He had a reputation as being handsome.
SHANGMEI PRODUCTS — A Yu Jing corporation with offices on Neon Lotus Station.
SHARIF, LEILA — This Haqqislam Husam operative started as a Daylami of the Azar Desert. Her performance earned her entry to the Hassassins, where she trained in the Special Forces. She served at Paradiso.
SHASVASTII — This race is part of the Combined Army.
SHASVASTII COMMAND — The military command of the Shasvastii within the Combined Army.
SHENTANG — It is one of a pair of tidally locked planets. The other is the Yu Jing capital of Yutang. They were the first discovered by Yu Jing, who rapidly colonized them in an attempt to match PanOceania's early expansion.
SHEYK BLOCKADE — The name of the human defense force preventing the EI from leaving Paradiso towards Bourak.
SHEYK GATE — The gate between Paradiso and Bourak
SHIN, COLONEL ZHUO — This Yu Jing officer commanded the Lěngdòng Gŭ military research compound until he captured, and subsequently allowed to escape, a Nomad special operation team who obtained secret data from the facility.
SHUK, STÉPHANIE — This freelance BIBLIOTEK columnist wrote Preview of War on the Spheres.
SIBYLLA — This is the default personal assistant persona on comlogs for interaction with the data sphere.
SIGIL JOB, THE — Tunguskan Grenzers eliminated this threat before it could be executed.
SÌ LÍNG — (Also: Sì Líng Squad) These squads are the elite of Ju Ying TAG pilots, utilizing their most advanced TAG design, the Guījiă.
SILK — Haqqislam researchers fabricate and sell this drug, essential for the resurrection of individuals by implanting their cube in an Lhost. It is extremely expensive, and Haqqislam has a virtual monopoly.
SISARGAS ISLANDS — These islands on Paradiso held a Cosmolite facility which held a T'zenchi Digester.
SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, NS — This Corregidor Covert Insertion Shuttle was the insertion vessel for their raid, Operation Icestorm, on the Moto.tronica Corporation research outpost on Svalarheima.
SKËNDER — The official Nomad Nation currency. Corregidor omits the umlaut (e.g. Skender) for international trade.
SKIÁVOROS — This EI Aspect planned and organized the strike to liberate Colonel Tabrak, operating out of a stealth base near Zulu Point on Paradiso.
SKORPIO, MAX — This Authorized Bounty Hunter raided the Triad-owned Lucky Eight betting house. He was interviewed by Yù Gào. He apprehended the renegade corsair Sebastian Müller on the Nox-5 Orbital Redoudt in Human Edge.
SNARK LANDS — A region on Dawn.
SOCIAL ENERGY — This term refers to the tensions between various societies and communities on Bakunin. The Moderator Corps monitor this ideological conflict to ensure that it remains in the realm of debate.
SOUTH FRONT — One of the operational areas in the conflict for Paradiso.
SPAWNEMBRYO — The reproductive method of the Shasvastii race.
SPECIAL ACTIONS DEPARTMENT — See: Dragnet Special Actions Department
SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND — This PanOceania organization selects and directs that nation's Indigo agents.
SPECIAL SITUATIONS SECTION — (Also: SSS) An elite ALEPH unit for special missions.
SPECULO KILLER — These Shasvastii operatives specialize in infiltration and impersonation.
SPEKTR — These Tunguska infiltrators specialize in infiltration, industrial espionage, and extraction missions. They are used to promote Tunguskan interests as well as those who pay for their services. The use the most advanced camouflage and thermo-optics, allowing them to deceive most surveillance systems.
SPITFIRE — A tactical rifle...
SPLENDOR CLASS — The SCS Stella Solaris was a ship of this class. They are large luxury space liners.
STAATECTO — A major company operating within the Human Sphere.
STANDARD — The currency of the Ur Hegemonic Civilization.
STAR COMPANY — This mercenary company trained inductees at its Tactical Instruction Center in Module 137 of the Lazareto district of Corregidor.
STARLING — Produced the piece, An Implied Threat. Urban Looks in the New Century.
STATEEMPIRE ARMY — The military of Yu Jing.
STAVKA — (Also: Department of Intelligence) Ariadnan intelligence organization
STELLA SOLARIS, SCS — This Splendour-Class luxury cruise ship is the flagship of Royal Spacer Unlimited, and is frequented by many of the rich and powerful. It is also home to many popular Maya productions.
STEMPLER ZOND — This variety of Nomad Zond carried a load of sensors, tracking systems, and target acquisition arrays.
STERANKO, COLONEL NIKOLAI — This legendary individual created Dragnet, the security organization of Tunguska, and also headed the Dragnet Special Actions Department. He and his DSAD discovered and eliminated a multitude of covert enemies of Tunguska.
STOLYAROVA, OLGA — This Hacker-Pilot leads the Nomad Remote racing team, Voltage. Her performance has allowed Voltage to challenge the PanOcieania team, Lightspeed, for supremacy.
STRELSAU CRYPT — The Data-Crypt within the Strelsau Fortress Monastery, in which the alien artifact was secured.
STRELSAU FORTRESS MONASTERY — (Also: Saint Mary of Strelsau Fortress Monastery) This PanOceania facility on Paradiso contained the a T'zechi artifact/transmitter, though the humans did not know it as such at the time. The Teutonic Order provided security.
STRONACH INCIDENT — Tunguskan Grenzers eliminated this threat before it could be executed.
SUBHA — This was an Hassassin training master class conducted in Alamut, Iran Zhat Al Amat, Bourak.
SULTAN — Leader of Haqqislam
SULTANATE SECRETARY OFFICE — This office of the Haqqislam Sultan lies in the Dar el Funduq territory on Bourak.
SUN TZE — One of the most famous warrior-politicians of Chinese history, he origianlly served the Wu Kingdom during the era of the Warrior Kingdoms, circa 476-221 BC. Sun Tze is perhaps most recognised for his work on military strategy: Sun Tzu The Art of War. Yu Jing High Command requested the Recreation, dubbed Project "Advisor," from ALEPH in response to PanOceania's Project "Orleans Maiden."
SVALARHEIMA — PanOceania controls two-thirds of this icy planet, and Yu Jing controls the other third. The two vie for control of critical resources, especially the rich Teseum ore deposits. Habitation is extremely difficult in any regions outside of equatorial or tropic zones due to extreme cold weather.
SVALARNORSE — A language spoken on Svalarheim.
SVENGALI — The labs of Praxis on Bakunin created this criminal AI, who is wanted across the Human Sphere. His bodies are known as Sæligs. He runs a criminal syndicate.
SWORD OF ALLAH — Haqqislam military organization
SYGMAA — Name for the Tohaa territories conquered by the EI and Combined Army.
SYLDAVIA — PanOceania city on Norstralia on Paradiso.
SZABO AGENT, THE — Tunguskan Grenzers eliminated this threat before it could be executed.


TABRAK, COLONEL — The troops of this Morat officer took part in the attempt to liberate Master Tactician Dodrek. He operated near Zulu Point on the Norstralia continent on Paradiso.
TACTICAL ARMOURED GEAR — (Also: TAG) TAGs are individual armoured weapon platforms that utilize humanoid, quadruped, or avian shapes to provide greater mobility and capability in difficult or urban terrain. They are considered the state of the art for projection of force on the modern battlefield.
TACTICAL TRIAD — This is a Tohaa operational unit of three individuals.
TAEL — (Also: Tohaa Tael) Currency of the Tohaa Triumvirate.
TAG — Abbreviation for Tactical Armoured Gear.
TAITTIRIYA — Combined Army forces overran this city in the Gāyatrī region on the Sepentria front on Paradiso.
TARIQA — The highest ranking advisors and counselors to the Hachib of Haqqislam. They are second only to the Hachib and the Old Man fo the Mountain, and are given the honorific title owing to their wisdom, knowledge, and skill. They regularly represent the Hachib and Haqqislam in matters of national representation and diplomacy.
TEMBEL KEDI — This corsair transport, whose name translates to "Lazy Cat," carried the Haqqislam strike team for Operation Red Viel while working for the Qapu Khalqi fleet.
TEQIAN PSN — This Yu Jing accounting and financial certification firm is known for creative and liberal practices that create and certify figures in their client's best interests. Their headquarters lies in the city of Tiān Di Jing, and they have another main office on the Neon Lotus orbital in Mars' near orbit. Pharmacomp is one of their clients.
TERAMAASU — Tohaa organization captured by a Shasvastii assault
TERRACOTTA SOLDIER — See: Zúyŏng Invincibles
TEUTONIC ORDERS — Military orders of PanOceania.
TEXTILETOUCH — Famous Bakunin Nomad fashion company
THERMO-OPTICAL CAMOUFLAGE — (Also: TO Camouflage) These advanced camouflage systems mask both thermal and optical signatures from sight and sensors.
THIRD WAY, THE NOMAD ALTERNATIVE, THE — Doctor Carol Dickson-Powell wrote this study for The Libertarian Politics Review.
THRASYMEDES, SERGEANT — This ALEPH Chandros operative fist served in the Assault Subsection's Steel Phalanx, but his bravery and skills came to the attention of Achilles, who inducted him into the Homeridae.He specializes in incursion techniques and will do anything to achieve a victory. He had a brief liaison with Vortex Lupe Balboa prior to both ALEPH and Nomad forces coming into conflict aboard the SCS Stella Solaris.
TIĀN DI JING — A main Yu Jing city on Yutang. It has the headquarters for Teqian PSN.
TIETAN TECH — A Yu Jing corporation with offices on Neon Lotus Station.
TIGER SOLDIER — These troops form an elite airborne corps for Yu Jing, often used for black ops and other missions in enemy territory. They often decorate their helmets and armor to look like the animal from which they take their name.
TOHAA — This advanced alien race has mastered biotechnology, and fights against the EI and its Combined Army. They have an alliance of expediency with the Human Sphere. Their biotechnology creates viral weapons and symbiont armors, and is also capable of altering other species, elevating their intelligence to create allies in their war with the Combines Army.They are a Herald race of the Ur civilization.
TOHAA COLONIAL TERRITORIES — (See Colonial Territories)
TOHAA HIGH COUNCIL — The ruling council of the Tohaa race consisted of High Council President Haala Reevar, High Councilor Kaal Luunda, High Councilor Ooda Neesar, and High Councilor Maatyn Aander.
TOLLAN-5 — This orbital lies in the Svalarheima system.
TONIC JUICE — Colloquial name for a post-high-G recovery drink. It contains electrolytes and assists in cleansing sedatives and anti-GPlus drugs out of the body. It tastes awful.
TOTAL REACTION (SYSTEM) — These are systems that allow Remotes certain autonomous reactions to their environment. Reaktion Zonds utilize these systems.
TRANSDUCTOR ZOND — This high mobility variety of Nomad Zond carries a light load of electronics and transmitters to emphasize speed. They support Nomad hackers, spreading electronic chaos and confusion.
TRANSETHEREA COMPANY — This company owns EtherNews as a subsidiary and does business on the Circulars.
TRANSFORMATIVE STRUCTURES OF THE SOCIOPOLITICAL REALITY — Doctor Arend Jordde wrote this piece that contained a section on Nomad Krugs.
TRANSTARTARIC CAMPAIGNS — Military campaigns on Ariadna.
TREITAK — This is the title for Morat Special Operations.
TRIDENT — (Also: Tohaa Trident) Tohaa intelligence organization.
TRINOMIAL — (Also: Tohaa Trinomial) the Tohaa nation-state.
TRISTERYON — (Also: Tristeryon Confidential Courier Services) This notorious, Nomad-affiliated courier service focusses on confidential, clandestine, and special parcels.
TRIUMVERATE — (Also: Tohaa Triumverate) A secret, amoral cabal within the Tohaa govenrment that plots for the long-term survival of the Tohaa race at all costs.
TROLLHÄTAN — A desolate, remote region on Svalarheima. The Ensom Dal lies within it.
TRUE DIVINE REALM OF THE STARS — This was the name of one of the initial Commune modules on Bakunin.
TSOTSI — Some African gang members of the Lazareto District on Corregidor self-identify with this term.
TUNGUSKA — One of the three Nomad Nation motherships, it specializes in trade and financial matters. International criminal organizations of Eastern Europe and Asia funded the initial construction of Tunguska, creating a haven for illicit and/or secret financial transactions. After the birth of ALEPH, Tunguska's founders created an independent data crypt, free from the AI's prying eyes. The vessel has two primary regions, the Centrum with the Crypt core and government, and Barangays that now comprise the greatest part of the ship's volume. The vessel has many of the best cryptohackers and biometrics experts in the Human Sphere. Tunguska also contains the physical hardware for running Arachne.
TURAADA, HEAD ASSISTANT ELIOO — This Tohaa representative attended the Group of Six summit aboard the SCS Stella Solaris, and suffered injury when the Observation Room was breached.
T'ZECHI — An artifact of the Ur civilization...
T'ZECHI DIGESTER — An Ur artifact. Digesters record and store virtually all information from the planets on which they're located, and often contain incredible amounts of information and technology. The Tohaa were able to interrogate a Digester on Dawn, giving them Jump Gate, viral, and transmutation technologies. Digesters are at least semi-sentient, and much of the data provided to the Tohaa included pre-set failure modes.


ULEMA — A Haqqislam term for scholar of the Faith.
ULTREIA — This Order of Santiago battle cruiser took part in the Acheron Blockade in the Paradiso system.
UNIVERSAL CONCILIAR DICTIONARY — This is an all-inclusive dictionary of human languages.
UNIVERSITY OF MANAHEIM — This university has an Anthropology department.
UNIVERSITY OF OPBAAEN — This Tohaa university had a Xenoarcheology department.
ÜNSAL, SELMA — A Shasvastii Speculo Killer killed this Second-Class Technician, and assumed her identity. She lived in the city of Medina and worked for Nawrah BioIndustries. Her identity was assumed before assignment to Warehouse 02 on the Alhena-2 orbital in the Paradiso system, and her body was found in her residence in Medina. She had long, black hair.
URBAN SENTINELS — This show is on the Rush Hour Maya channel.
URGENCY TEAM — This is the name given to a Shasvastii special operations team.
UR-PROBE — Hyper-technological artifacts of the EI that remain latent for long periods of time. When a technologival item attempts to interface with it, it unleasshes nanobots to take over any surrounding technology, and travels back to EI-controlled space.
USARIADNA DOLLAR — An internal Ariadnan currency used in USAriadna.


VAN ORTEN — This mercenary Colonel led the Foreign Company, and had close ties to the Figueroa Estate as his war businessman.
VARUNA — This ocean planet had a native, semi-intelligent, amphibious species - Helots. It was the third system discovered by humanity. PanOciania founded a colony here with sea platforms, subaquatic structures, and artificial islands. Tech facilities specialize in biotechnological research, and the native Helots work at sea factories and farms. A Helot rebel group, Libertos, commits occasional acts of violence and sabotage against human targets,
VATO — Some Latino gang members of the Lazareto District on Corregidor self-identify with this term.
VAUDEVILLE — This region of the Nomad Bakunin mothership produces a bewildering array of artists, entertainment, fashions, and entrepreneurs. Many Maya channels, biosynth body modifications, MetaChemistry, nanodrugs, and even manufactured creatures come from this region. It is also the only place in the Human Sphere where Resurrection is available as a commodity. It is a flashing neon tumor of modules spread across Bakunin.
VEL-AMARCO — O-12, with the support of both PanOeania (militarily) and Yu-Jing (financially), ended this conglomerate in their Red Friday operation. Vel-Amarco had purchased the island of Minami-kojima from Japan and invaded American Samoa, effectively becoming a corporate state. General Gabbard of the US commanded the Red Friday strike that eliminated the concept of incorporated states with the clear message that they would be eliminated if they enggaged in hostile acts.
VERTIGO ZOND — This high mobility variant of Nomad Zond carries a missile launchers with guided warheads. Their micro-missiles can engage any target designated by forward observer or battle control satellite, without regard for obstacles between the Zond and its target.
VILA BOOSTER — These huge electromagnetic accelerators boost ship from the iner system to the Jump Gates in the outer areas
VOGUE, SANDRA — This reporter for Miracle! interviewed Monique Gaillard, MagnaObra's CEO.
VOLTAGE — This is the name of the Nomad Remote racing team. Hacker-Pilot Olga Stolyarova is one of their best pilots.
VOODOOTECH — This is the code name for an alien ammunition type that was reverse engineered to create K1 Special Ammunition.
VORDRAK'S VENGEANCE — This Combined Army rapid incursion pinnace dropped the Morat team, including Treitak Anyat, that assaulted a Mag-Lev transport on Norstralia, Paradiso.
VORONIN, COLONEL YEVGUENI — Many feel his position in the Cossack Diplomatic Corps is a front for his position in Stavka due to his abrasive personality. He joined Stavka in his youth, joining the rebellion against General Fedchenko. He has served in in the fourth Transtartaric Campaign, the Antipode Offensives, the Ariadnan Commercial Conflicts, and the Ariadnan Expeditionary Corps on Paradiso. He claims to have five illegitimate children, four with prostitutes, and one with the wife of an officer in the General Staff. He has an Antipode companion named Grisha.
VORTEX — This is the name of Nomad Black Hand Special Operations.


WALDHEIM — This Vienna banking dynasty invested heavily in Tunguska and moved their headquarters there. They maintained a corps of Croatian mercenaries that integrated into the Dragnet Special Actions Department and became the core of the Grenzers.
WALTON, LEAH — Chair of the Applied Sociology Department at Firozabad University on Neoterra.
WAN DANG, ZHŌNG SHI — This Yu Jing Sergeant led the Zhanshi unit acting against the Haqqislam incursion force on the Neon Lotus orbital during Operation Red Viel. He wore Terracotta Soldier armor.
WARBURTON, LUCILLE — Nomad journalist who writes for Infoneutika magazine. Some of her articles have been classified as Nomad Black Propaganda.
WAR BUSINESSMAN — Working together with the Colonel of a Mercenary Company, they oversee the organization's business needs, such as financial investors, promotion and marketing, and banking and lines of credit. They often have other duties, such as managing a corporate division, personal estate, or mercenary occupied territory in fringe areas with no government presence. In these remote areas, their power can rival or exceed those of local authorities.
WARCOR — Short for War Corresponent, these professional journalists send accounts from the frontlines of conflicts, major and minor.
WARDEN — This is the title of the elected president of Corregidor.
WARDRIVER — This terms refers to any mercenary hacker. Unlike many mercenaries, they share information and techniques with others in restricted virtual environments. Those earning the Wardriver patch thus have a certain minimum set of skills, represented by an individual's "class.". The reputation of the community is important to them, and those who tarnish it are quickly estranged.
WAR MARKET — The Sphere-wide market where mercenary services are bought and sold
WHITE-CLASS — A classification of Wardriver
WILD BILL — Previously a gunman and Indian fighter; now an Aristeia! celebrity. He defeated Rosebud and Wreizen in a 2v1 duel.
WILLIAMSON, LIEUTENANT — A Combined Army Speculo Killer assassinated and impersonated this aid to General Almeida, stealing the plans for the PanO assault on the Robotrain to obtain the Tohaa Black Box data.
WOTAN BLOACKADE — The human defense force preventing the EI from incursion into Svalarheima.
WOTAN GATE — The gate between Paradiso and Svalarheima
WRIESEN — Wild Bill defeated this Ariseia! fighter along with Rosebud in a 2v1 duel.
WUYI — A Yu Jing city on the southern coast of Septentria on Paradiso.


XI ZHUANG, GUĬ FĒNG — Commiting his life to law enforcement, Xi Zhuang earned a place in the Celestial Guard. His performance brought him to the attention of the Yanjing, wo offered him a position as a Special Forces operative in the Guĭ Fēng. He is highly commited to his duty. His grandfather served in the police for twenty years before being gunned down in the Mùyú Wars between the Shentang Triads.
XIA SHI — The Yu Jing rank fo Corporal
XPERYDES MULTI-NATIONAL — (Also: Xperydes Omni-National) Staring life as a biotechnoogy firm, Xperydes was the first to take advantage of the M-CORP law, using it to become the first Hypercorp and renaming itself Xperydes Omni-National. They launched the Omni-Sided Platform (OSD), which created a unique employee/customer community. They called their members Loĝanto, who were all legal subsidiaries.


YĂNJĪNG — Meaning "The Eyes," this is Yu Jing's military intelligence organization.
YASBIR, HASSASSIN HUSAM — Very little definite information exists about this individual. Legends say that was one of the Fiday to operate under that name, and organized the vengeance against Khalaf ibn Ahmad, after that imam proclaimed the fatwa against Haqqislamn's founder, Farhad Khadivar. He purportedly spent much of his career as a Fiday, but was so skilled that he continued to escape after missions. Many feel he is part of the inner circle of the Hassassin Society, and extreme theorists feel he could be the Old Man of the Mountain, though this is considered extremely unlikely. This Hassassin Husam killed the CEO of MagnaObra, Monique Gaillard, on Bourak, though she was resurrected shortly thereafter.
YINFĒNG ARCHIPELIGO — Yu Jing started construction of a tech facility here to work on decrypting and translating the data from the Tohaa Black Box.
YINQUAN — This city on... AABBCC
YONG, ZHŌNGWÈI — This Zúyŏng led the Yu Jing force defending Teqian PSN from the Haqqislam force in Operation Red Viel.
YÙ GÀO — This Yu Jing news channel covered the attack on the CS Aygir. Its name translates to "The Herald."
YU JING — Born of nearly all the far eastern nations of Terra, under what was once China, this economic and technological power is second only to PanOceania. They have a strong industrial sector, technology nearly equal to that of PanOceania, and strong economic growth.
YU JING INTERSPACE TRUST CORPORATION — See: Interspace Trust Corporation
YÙ GÀO — The name of this Yu Jing flash-news source translates at "The Herald." They interviewed Authorized Bounty Hunter Max Skorpio about his raid on the Lucky Eight betting establishment.
YUAN — This is the currency of Yu Jing. It is the second most influential in the Human Sphere, a close rival to the Oceana.
YŪSUF IBN AYYŪB — (Also: Saladin) Founder of the Ayyubid dynasty, and the greatest of all Islamic heroes, ALEPH created Saladin as part of the Recreation Project "Lion of the Desert." The name Saladin is a contraction of Al-Nāsir Salāh ad-Dīn, which means "Victorious Unifier of the Faith."
YUTANG — The capital of Yu Jing, it is one of a pair of tidally locked planets. The other is Shentang. They were the first discovered by Yu Jing, who rapidly colonized them in an attempt to match PanOceania's early expansion.


ZAKALWE, PETER — This Captain of the Corregidor Intruders served in Paradiso, and participated in Paradiso Coordinated Command planning aboard the Bureau Aegis frigate, Irrevocable Decision.
ZEROS — (Also: Bakunin Zeros) These specialized Bakunin scouts derive their name from their low failure and casualty rate. The train extensively in Bakunin's multi-environmental modules, giving them experience in all terrain types. They are known for their stealthy approach and blindingly fast attacks.
ZETAO, CHEN — This sought after financial advisor operates on Concilium.
ZHÀNCHĒ — Translating as War Charrior, this stealth shuttle inserted Keisotsu Guĭ Fēng Yuriko Oda's team in an operation on Svalarheima.
ZHANSHI — These light infantry units form the core of Yu Jing's military forces. Zhànshì means combatant in Mandarin, and has a history back to the People's Liberation Army on Earth.
ZHAYEDAN INVERVENTION UNIT — (Also: Zhayedan) This volunteer unit consists of veterans, and is sometimes called "the Immortals" by foes due to their resilience and resourcefulness in combat.
ZHŌNG SHI — The Yu Jing rank of Sergeant
ZHŌNGWÈI — The Yu Jing rank of Lieutenant
ZOND — The name for these Nomad remotes derives from the Russian name for UFOs. They are known for their speed. Corregidor uses them for ship repair and EVA, Bakunin uses them to destructively test new technologies and interfaces, and Tunguska utilizes them as an untraceable means to deploy support hardware. Subtypes include Stempler Zonds, Meteor Zonds, Reaktion Zonds, and Transductor Zonds.
ZUMURRODA — This tourism complex lies to the east of the Pharthalia Islands on Bourak. Qaid Fahaesh claims all profits from this venture.
ZÚYŎNG INVINCIBLES — (Also: Terracotta Soldiers) This Heavy Infantry unit forms the core of the Yu Jing State Empire Army.

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