06 January 2020

Work on Defiance has continued with an amazing sculpt for Cassandra Kusanagi. This just leaves Agnes to be scuplted.

I'm hoping that a few more rules previews will appear, allowing me to continue work on adaptation to an RPG.

19 December 2019

Corvus Belli continues work on Defiance with some amazing art and 3D work on Lucien Sforza. Check out the image in the RPG area.

27 November 2019

Added a draft of my first custom Defiance card to the RPG area.

21 November 2019

Owing to my rekindled enthusiasm, I've acquired both the Third Offensive and Daedalus' Fall books, and will be slowly integrating their information into the Data Sphere.

18 November 2019

The Infinity: Defiance Kickstarter has surpassed €1M, with more than a dozen heroes and hundreds of cards representing equipment, enemies, skills, etc.

This will form an amazing core for an RPG that will just needing some fleshing out for non-combat options and equipment.

The great work that Modiphius has done to expand the background will help round things out as well.

06 November 2019

In what is probably the biggest news for the game in some time Corvus Belli is in the middle of their Infinity: Defiance Kickstarter.

This has toally re-energized me on the RPG aspect of Infinity, as the system — which is very similar to that used in their Aristeia game — is almost ideal for either simplified RPG use or small-scale skirmish games.

While the Infinity RPG is good, I see the potential for Defiance to be something really special.

A background resource for the Infinity universe by Corvus Belli and additional material for the Infinity PRG.

17 May 2017

Modiphius has completed their work on the Infinity Roleplaying Game. The Nomads chapter was the last piece on May 12th. The book is going to the printers after the last editing and typos are caught. Great news!

22 February 2017

I've been quietly adding to the Data Sphere, mostly Merc and Corp information.
Modiphius is getting close to the PDF releaase of the RPG. I'd guess it's still about 1-2 months away, but that's peanuts.
I ran a demo game at DunDraCon, which went very well. The basic scenario involved a Shasvastii infiltration on Bourak. Great fun!

09 January 2017

Though I've technically been open for business for a few weeks now, much of that time has been spent reworking graphics, cleaning up incomplete Data Sphere entries and the like. I've added all of the planned RPG books to the RPG page, and quite a few other little things
Almost ready to announce my presence to the community.

19 December 2016

I'm a fluff-ologist, meaning that I love the background that Corvus Belli has created for their excellent tabletop miniatures game.
But I always hate the fact that you have to sort through a stack of books to find the information you're looking for. Thus, this resource.
I also contribute to the Infinity Roleplaying Game, and this also serves as a repository for unofficial material I create.
Keep your eyes peeled for more news here as things develop!